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Sequester So Terrible that Feds Post 400 New Jobs on First Day

March 7, 2013
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sequesterJust three days prior to the sequestration taking effect, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, stated:

“Most people don’t even know what the word sequester means. Sequestration equals unemployment.”

The sequestration took effect on March 1 with the signed approval of President Barack Obama.  Other Democrats, like California Rep. Maxine Waters said that sequestration would cost 750,000 jobs.

The liberal news media ran stories showing that poultry processors will have to shut down because they cannot process chickens without the FDA inspectors who only show up a few times a week, resulting in empty shelves in the meat departments across the land.  The shortage of FDA inspectors would also affect the beef and pork industries as well.  Fewer inspectors would also cause a shortage of sea food products.

We are supposed to see longer lines at the airports because TSA was going to have to start putting employees on furloughs anywhere from a day or two to up to two weeks.  Yet they have enough money to spend $50 million on new uniforms.

Our federal highways were going to continue to crumble and become unsafe to drive because highway repair projects will be cancelled.  Bridges that carry our highways across some of the larger rivers will collapse, taking families into the icy waters below, all because sequestration took effect.

DHS started releasing illegal aliens that were being detained for deportation are being released back into American society because of the sequestration monster chomping their budget. By some twisted logic, DHS believes it’s best to released people who violate federal law than to just deport them as they are supposed to by law.

Basically, Democrats and the liberal media would have us believe that sequestration was going to plunge the United States into a second Great Depression.  In fact, the horrors of sequestration are so unfathomable, that by the end of the first day, nearly 400 new federal jobs were posted.

They ranged from summer recreational aides for the US Forest Service to a secretary for the IRS in Maryland.  The US Mint posted 24 positions for people to stamp coins.  I think my favorite was the posting for three positions by the Department of Agricultural for insect production workers to help cultivate bollworms in Phoenix.

Let’s not forget DHS, who while in the process of releasing detainees posted a position for an assistant to help with deportations.  The annual salary for that position is $60,765 which is enough money to hold one illegal for almost 500 days.

Since Obama took office just over 4 years ago, the federal government has been hiring 101 new employees 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for 4 years.  Sequestration goes into effect and on the first day of humongous budget cuts and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, the feds posted 400 new jobs, nearly 4 times the average number of new hires per day.

Sure sounds like the end of life as we know it, doesn’t it?

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