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9mm Ammo Shortage: Part of Backdoor Gun Control?

March 7, 2013
AWR Hawkins
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9mm_ammunition9mm is one of the most common rounds of ammunition in the country, yet it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to find and costlier and costlier to purchase once found.

Why the 9mm ammo shortage?

The quick answer is that demand is so high, but the thorough answer is that a large portion of the Department of Homeland Security’s 1.6 billion round stockpile is 9mm–as are many of the 20 million additional rounds DHS has ordered.  And when you take these millions upon millions of rounds of ammo out of the market at a time when private demand is high, you get the dearth we are now experiencing.

As I wrote on Feb. 10, gun owners are up against a perfect storm. Private gun owners are buying up every box of 9mm they can find while some of the most popular ammo brands–like Federal Ammunition–are stretched to the limit because they are not only trying to fill Wal-Mart shelves, but also produce the millions upon millions of rounds DHS is ordering.

The difference between now and Feb. 10 is that I was buying 9mm online for about $18 a box at that time. In less than a month the price for the same box of ammo at the same online store has risen to $34.59.

While many of the conspiracy theories that have been propounded to explain DHS ammo purchases ought to be rejected out of hand, it seems increasingly reasonable to believe these multiple, massive ammo orders have been placed one upon the other to exasperate the already low supplies in the private market.

It continues to sound like gun control by another name.

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  1. March 7, 2013 7:13 pm

    Not only is 9mm in short supply, a lot of other sizes are also in short supply. Like 357m, 38 special, 22’s and 30-06. The whole idea of these so-called ammo purchase orders(which as far as I know have not been ordered- only purchase orders have been sent in)is to dry up the commerical supply and drive the prices up. If you can’t ban the guns, f–k with the Ammo. This whole Obama Gun Grab has also drive up the prices of Guns and made a lot of them in short supply. Gun control without firing a shot.

    • March 9, 2013 10:01 am

      30-06 isn’t hard to find. 308 is another story. Walmarts around here seem to have 30-06 on the shelves in every store. It isn’t cheap, but they do have it. Same for the Cabela’s in Allen, TX. My main source of 9mm bulk is out of handgun ammo, but still has crates of ammo for carbines (semi auto SMGs) available for a good price.

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