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Fw: » Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President

February 22, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert


Because the defense contractors are feeling the guilt associated with tyrants using their technology to kill men, women and children considered “collateral damage” every other week…

Moron politicians with absolutely no military experience have the power to order generals to instruct military/hormone driven 22 year old airmen, sitting in a secured metal trailer in Arizona, to launch deadly attacks via UAV drones, halfway around the world like a video game.

Defense starts at home…because the Arab Middle East could give a crap about our freedoms here, contrary to the propaganda vomit that Bush forced down our throats, as he actually did in a Japanese official’s lap. “We’re over there because they hate our freedoms.”

The defense contractors are going to have more than enough contracts with the estimated 30,000 UAV Drones requested by this out-of-control government for our American/Militarized Police by 2020.

And all of which will not be used to secure the borders…

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  1. February 22, 2012 7:00 am

    Many of the men and women employed in the defense industry have themselves served in the military and understand that the underlying principle of national defense is “Defense Through Strength.” They are also aware that many of our most advanced technology has been conveyed to the Chinese and other potential enemies. They understand that the strong America with a free economy and fiscal restraint is the key to a strong national defense. They are also intelligent and dedicated people who have the mental facilities to pierce through the mindless drivel of the elite financed politicians and realize that Ron Paul has the only coherent, consistent and logical plan for the restoration of the American economy.

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