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Amnesty’s Real Consequences

February 22, 2012
Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty Digest

Last summer, a 66-year-old Chicago-area insurance broker named Denny McCann met his tragic end when he was run down by a motorist named Saul Chavez. At the time of the accident, Chavez — who dragged McCann’s body a few hundred feet while trying to flee the scene — had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .29. For everyone outside Lindsay Lohan and about half the remaining Kennedys, a BAC of .29 has passed wearing the lampshade and is sleeping with the coat rack. For Chavez, a BAC of .29 was well past the limit at which he could control a motor vehicle. For McCann, a BAC of .29 was fatal.

The tale of Chavez and his motoring misadventures is already a tragedy. An examination of Chavez’s driving record turns it tragicomic. Evidently, Chavez has made a practice out of getting behind the wheel sauced to the gills. In fact, his re-enactment of the worst parts of a Ted Kennedy biopic — which left the McCann family in mourning — was not the first time he was apprehended. In fact, Chavez might  have been making license plates for the cars he could no longer legally drive were it not for a justice system with a soft spot for alcoholic Mario Andretti impersonators.

And now… the rest of the story. ….. 

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