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The US Military gives unlawful orders to kill in Iraq and Afghanistan daily

January 5, 2011
Jim Campbell

Just say the word Sniper and give him an order on any given day, and that order will be to kill an individual that the sniper cannot see. There is no way to determine if he is an insurgent or a peaceful civilian living in the area who happened to come in view of a spotter’s scope.

Let’s discuss missiles that are fired from a drone commanded from a bunker in Florida or CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA. Upon hitting a home or building with “high value targets” does the person executing the operation know if there are friendly people inside? 

The answer is absolutely not. A drone recently killed innocent civilians in Pakistan. Who gave that order and why is he not in prison? Wasn’t it an unlawful order to kill?

Why does Corey Clagett rot in solitary confinement for following an acknowledged unlawful order to kill yet those who gave the order remain free?

This is really a story about how and why Corey Clagett is being hung out to dry and his life thrown away by the US Military when those who gave the orders should be taking his place.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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