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The Republican Party Had Better Be the Party of No!

January 5, 2011
Kathleen Gotto


The Republican Party can do a lot better than embrace the label Rahm Emanuel laid on them as the party of No.  They can exuberantly embrace the label of being the Party of “No More!” Republicans need to burst out of the gates with a single-minded vision of stopping the destruction that has been wrought on this country and our citizens for two years. They must stop the hemorrhaging of debt and lawlessness in the Washington, D.C. cesspool. No more wild spending, unsustainable debt, fiat money, excessive taxation, killing off small businesses, end-runs around the legislative process, lies to the American people, deception, corruption, trampling our Constitution, thug politics, capitulation to radicals, statism/socialism/fascism, passing laws without reading them, robbing the U.S. treasury, sending taxpayer money to foreign bankers, destroying our sovereignty, exciting racial divide and class warfare, and being the enemy of American citizens. If Republicans do not do everything available to them to not just stop, but to aggressively push back, the destructive and treasonous actions taken by the radicals, they will shoulder the same amount of blame as the Democrats.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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