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Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back

February 1, 2009
CJ Graham

On at least three separate occasions this week, white Americans were subjected to ridicule and insult. The perception that white Americans are, as a whole, racist has been a notion given credibility unfairly. The Inauguration for Barack Obama has ratcheted up racial intolerance significantly and relentlessly.

Not surprising was the utter indifference by the ‘media’ to the pain and destructiveness these insults have caused. Our ‘media’, who prides itself on being politically sensitive when a ‘minority’ is insulted, did not even whimper when the insults were directed at white Americans. So, in a week where many in our nation celebrated change, many others question what that promised change will bring.

Millions withstood miserable conditions to share and celebrate the culmination of their support and enthusiastic efforts to see Obama become the 44th president. The crowd cheered, eyes blurred with tears, faces upturned with hope and faith, believing the message of change the Obama campaign promised.

What thanks did white Americans receive for braving horrendous weather conditions, miserable traffic, uncomfortable waits through security, lack of accommodations and great expense? They were ridiculed by a man standing two feet from their new President, who did nothing to defend them. How many felt the icy slap of disillusionment in that moment?

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