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Misinformation Campaign Against Tom DeWeese Continues

February 1, 2009
Tom DeWeese

For the past few weeks I have basically been stalked by a guy named Bill Walker, promoting himself as an expert on the Constitution, specifically on the issue of a Constitutional Convention.

Walker has attacked my position on the Con Con, specifically my premise that once such a convention has been called and the delegates are meeting there is no way to control the agenda. In making that point, I an other opponents to a Con Con have cited a letter written by Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Berger, in which he says, as we do, that the agenda of a Con Con cannot be controlled.

Obviously the contents of that letter damage Walker’s argument. So he has set out to prove the letter is a fake. His entire premise is based on a mistaken date listed on a copy of the letter that was posted on a web site called The letter posted there is not the original and it carries a date of 1983.

The story continues …..

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