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Two “Sanctuary State” Bills Sponsored in Annapolis

February 9, 2019

Maryland Campaign for Liberty


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Radical Maryland liberals in the State Senate are proposing extreme “Sanctuary State” bills this year in Annapolis.

As you likely know, we have been successful in defeating “Sanctuary State” legislation at the state level for two straight years now.

But this year we can’t afford to sit back and wait to mobilize.

Senate Bill 718 ties the hands of law enforcement prohibiting government, correctional or police officers at the state and local level from asking about immigration status or citizenship.

Additionally, Senate Bill 718 provides for illegal aliens to recover court costs and attorney fees in the event that they do get asked about citizenship status and fight deportation in court.

So not only is Senate Bill 718 a “Sanctuary State” bill, it also funds the legal defense of illegal aliens if law enforcement dares ask about immigration status.

Senate Bill 817, a separate bill, says that during a stop, search or arrest a police officer is explicitly prohibited from asking about immigration status or citizenship.

Senate Bill 817 also expressly prohibits correctional facilities personnel from notifying federal immigration enforcement agents about a held illegal alien’s release date, location or address.

We must defeat Senate Bill 718 and Senate Bill 817 if we want to stop Maryland from becoming a full blown “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens.

These companion bills might as well be called the MS-13 Protection Package.

They will play into the hands of violent criminals and leave law enforcement constantly one step behind.

This legislation expressly restricts the federal government’s ability to deport illegal aliens from our country.

It’s astounding how Annapolis politicians would place the interests of illegal aliens above law-abiding citizens in Maryland.

They would have the citizens of Maryland foot the bill for legal defense of undocumented criminals.

Both of these bills have been assigned to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Sign our petition and automatically get a message sent to members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee who will hear these “Sanctuary State” bills in two weeks.

Senate Bill 817 is scheduled to be heard in committee on February 21st at 12:00p.m. in the East Miller Senate Building, Room 2, Annapolis, MD.

Senate Bill 718 is scheduled to be heard in committee on February 22nd at 12:00p.m. in the East Miller Senate Building, Room 2, Annapolis, MD.

This means that in two weeks these radical bills will be heard in committee.

In late February or early March we could see committee votes.

We need you to sign your petition which will trigger an automatic message being sent to the Judicial Proceedings Committee members.

Highlighted below are six members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee that we believe give us the best chance of defeating this bill in committee.

If any of the below highlighted Senators represent you, be sure to contact them by clicking on their name below.

Full Committee Contact
Zirkin, Bobby A. (Chair) (D-Baltimore County)
Smith, William C., Jr. (Vice Chair)
Carter, Jill P.
Cassilly, Robert (R-Harford County)
Hester, Katie Fry (D-Howard County)
Hough, Michael J. (R-Frederick County)
Lee, Susan C.
Ready, Justin (R-Carroll County)
Waldstreicher, Jeff
Washington, Mary
West, Chris (R-Baltimore County)


Not exactly sure who represents you?  Look up your legislator here.

Republicans may have gained a seat in the State Senate in 2018, but that doesn’t count for much when you consider how liberal the new Democrat Senate Caucus is.

We must take action, make our phone calls, send our emails and attend these bill hearings where possible.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty will have representatives in Annapolis to deliver  your petitions to legislators and testify at bill hearings, but it is always great to have additional speakers there to show support.

Please do not sit on the sidelines.  Take action.  This is our state.  We cannot let radical Maryland liberals ram through devastating “Sanctuary State” legislation in 2019.

The Maryland Latino Caucus, ACLU and Casa de Maryland have all already identified making Maryland a “Sanctuary State” as their #1 priority for this 2019 legislative session.

We need all hands on deck.  Please take action immediately to help Maryland Campaign for Liberty take the fight to Annapolis politicians.

For the Rule of Law,

Dave Pridgeon
Maryland Campaign for Liberty

P.S. In 2017 we defeated this legislation.  In 2018 it went down in flames again.

Can you help us do the same in 2019?

We currently have an ad campaign running in six critical Senate districts to rally constituent opposition to these “Sanctuary State” bills.

But very shortly we are going to have to at least double the number of Senate districts we target.

With your financial help we can ramp up this mobilization sooner than later.

Please DONATE generously to help protect Maryland from becoming a “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens and MS-13 thugs.

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