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Abortion propagandists to release CHILDREN’S book that promotes children being killed before they’re born

January 8, 2019


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The devil exists, her name is Amelia Bonow, and her stated mission in life is to promote a concept known as “Shout Your Abortion” that encourages women, and now children, to murder unborn human life in the womb by ripping it to shreds and vacuuming it out for disposal.

Bonow recently released a “children’s book” in promotion of her Shout Your Abortion agenda, along with an accompanying video in which she talks to underage children about what it was like to get an abortion.

Comparing it to “a crappy dentist appointment,” Bonow describes the “procedure” in unhallowed terms – almost as if it’s some kind of profession that women should be encouraged to take up as an exercise of their “rights.”

“I remember meeting firemen or policemen back in school, but someone who had an abortion? In those days, such discussions were handled by my parents or school counselors,” writes D.C. McAllister for PJ Media about the lunacy of Bonow talking about unborn baby murder to kids who barely even know about sex.

“The idea that ‘abortion is a last resort’ has given way to ‘abortion is a noble cause’ in which those who’ve ripped out their babies demand affirmation and approval to ease their troubled consciences,” McAllister adds.

Even innocent children know that abortion involves terminating the life of a HUMAN BABY

During her little video stunt, Bonow attempts to make light of abortion in any way possible, including by referring to the procedure as doing away with a “pregnancy” rather than a “fetus” or a “baby.” But the children she spoke with were on to her.

We won’t promote it here, but the video footage of Bonow reveals children answering her question, what is abortion, by saying, “It’s when you go and get rid of a baby” – emphasis on the word baby.

Bonow clearly doesn’t like the use of the word baby, and instead tries to claim that “life doesn’t begin at conception,” which is scientifically false.

When another young child, a girl, asks Bonow what her abortion was like, she uses even more dehumanizing language in her response, describing a process of a “straw” sucking out a “pregnancy” – as if it’s just some mass of cells, despite the fingers, toes, brain, and body, of course.

“She doesn’t describe what happens to the baby – how it’s chemically burned, how it feels pain. How it is cut up into pieces. Little arms, legs, and torsos,” McAllister writes further.

“Planned Parenthood has plenty of pictures she could have provided, but no, she tells these kids it’s a simple procedure – and you’ll be so grateful afterwards.”

The whole point of Bonow’s little charade, of course, is presumably to quell her own guilt about murdering unborn human life – and make a buck in the process. She’s soon planning to release that “Shout Your Abortion” children’s book, which is sure to brainwash even more adolescent minds into believing that Bonow’s life choices are completely normal and something to be lauded.

In truth, Bonow is a depraved baby-killer, and her decision to have an abortion stems from the fact that she’s just plain evil. And even worse is her decision to shout her abortion from the rooftops while making money off of the shock value it creates – including by polluting innocent children’s lives with a pro-abortion propaganda.

The #ShoutYourAbortion movement, with its goal to influence children in this way, reveals that it is hostile to life from conception and even into childhood,” McAllister concludes.

“They don’t seem to care about the negative effects these discussions have on the minds and hearts of children. The only thing that matters is the kids jumping on the pro-choice bandwagon at an early age – future voters wrapped up in a bow for the Democratic Party.”

Read for the truth about abortion.

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