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Netflix intros ‘animated kiddie porn’

October 30, 2018



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If you are over 18 years old, you probably cannot imagine what’s coming next from Netflix.

Think pre-pubescent sexual erotica of all kinds.

One critic calls it “pure evil.” Another suggests “animated kiddie porn.” Another says he purpose of the show is to normalize pedophilia, groom children abuse for predators and break down any final remaining taboos that still might exist in American society.

Average age of child actors in the show? Eleven.

“Perhaps the most outrageous scenes highlighted so far involve the animated portrayal of young children’s genitals, over and over again,” wrote Alex Newman.

The show also dedicated an entire episode to tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was thrilled.

Spokeswoman Dinah Stephens told TheWrap: “So I was grateful when I saw that the ‘Big Mouth’ episode included a range of services.”

“This is a show with adult humor, but because it’s a cartoon, they have tentatively slotted it for adolescent kids,” says Dr. Duke Pesta of Freedom Media Project. “It’s an attempt to provide the most crass, over-the-top, juvenile sexual kinds of information to little, little kids.”

(WARNING: Some of the content in this video clip is offensive and not appropriate for young viewers.)

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