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Dems Lay Out Extreme Leftist Vision for 2018

April 27, 2018

Patriot Post


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One of the reasons Donald Trump won the election is the fact that he campaigned as a moderate conservative politically while Hillary Clinton charted a course to the hard left and in so doing alienated a majority of working-class Americans. After losing, Hillary blamed everything from Russia to sexism for her loss. While even Democrats and the Leftmedia have become increasingly weary with her poor excuses, it seems they too have missed the mark in their assessment of why she lost — at least if the Democrats’ recent platform proposals are any indication.

Democrats are primarily running on hatred of Trump, of course, but when they throw out a policy prescription here or there, it’s the same old nonsensical stuff from a socialist utopia. Last year, it was “A Better Deal.” This year, it’s … the same old deal.

The plan getting the most press this week is that of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who wants to “guarantee” a job for every American. Not only that, Sanders wants to pay people at least $15 an hour and include health benefits for every worker. “Where will these jobs come from?” Ben Shapiro asks. “Public works projects a la the failed projects of FDR that helped lengthen the Great Depression by seven years.” Sanders has not done a cost analysis of his proposal — no doubt because the price tag would be laughably exorbitant.

Meanwhile, at the recent Democracy Alliance spring conference, which included party bigwigs such as DNC Chairman Tom Perez and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, as well as Congressmen Raul Grijalva (AZ) and Mark Pocan (WI), Democrats revealed the agenda they desire to implement. The policy agenda, called “Everyone’s Economy,” reads like it came straight from the Communist Manifesto (a lot of people can’t tell the difference). In addition to Sanders’ $15 minimum wage, it includes universal health care via Medicare for all, free college and student loan forgiveness, amnesty for 11 million illegals, $2 trillion for infrastructure and serious momentum toward enacting legislation on reparations.

Since Trump’s election, there has been no movement by Democrats toward a more moderate political agenda. Instead, they continue to push ever further left. The best adjective describing the Democrats’ vision is extreme. No wonder they are loathe to condemn the actions of leftists like antifa. Nor have they been eager in seeking to defend free speech. That’s because their Big Government agenda is a recipe for increased totalitarianism at the cost of individual freedom.


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