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Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

April 13, 2018

Shorty Dawkins


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As I have pointed out before, the “progressives” seek to destroy America (and Western civilization) in order to bring in their Utopian (Dystopian) New World Order. “Progressives” hate everything Western. They hate their own culture, traditions and history. They are mired in a negative, all-pervasive sense of guilt for being born in a culture they despise.

There are many people who are beginning to see what the “progressives” have to offer, and are thoroughly rejecting it. They are proud of their culture, traditions and history, and wish to retain it. Finally, they are beginning to stand up to those who would destroy what their ancestors created.

Culture, traditions and a shared identity are important aspects of life. They give us a sense of belonging. The “progressives” want us to become a part of some vast global homogeneous mish-mash that is foreign to every culture. Rather than celebrating the unique cultures of distinct regions, the “progressives” want to destroy all of them.

One of the tools they are using to destroy Western culture is mass migration. The influx of totally diverse and irreconcilable cultures can only lead to social disorder, which is their goal. While they speak of unifying the world, they seek to constantly divide it. They seek chaos, not peaceful unity.


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