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James Woods calls authorities on Kamala Harris’ immigrant pity party: Shuts that shindig right down!

April 10, 2018

Frieda Powers


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Once again, Democrats like Kamala Harris fall silent when confronted with facts.

The California senator was shredded on Twiitter by actor James Woods when she whined about illegal immigrants not getting “critical health care.”

“This is just wrong,” Harris tweeted, linking to an article in the Los Angeles Times claiming that those who entered in to the U.S. illegally are afraid to seek medical care for fear of being deported.

According to The Times:

Healthcare providers say President Trump’s aggressive moves against illegal immigration are posing risks to the health of many Californians, as patients cancel medical appointments or wait until the last minute to seek treatment.

Others are asking to leave public programs because they’re worried their personal information will end up with the federal government. Even more seem to be feeling anxious or depressed because of possible raids, prompting some providers to offer special training to deal with such mental health issues among immigrants.

But Woods fired back at the California Democrat, telling her what actually IS wrong.

America’s homeless as well as “overwhelming numbers” of American veterans go without proper health care everyday, but apparently for Harris and her Democratic cohorts, those who came to the U.S. illegally should be the ones getting the priority on health care.

Others on Twitter agreed with Woods, and many pointed out that Harris – like most Democrats – continues to forget one word when referring to illegal immigrants.


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