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Mexico Attacks US Border Patrol Over Boat Wreck, Agents Fight Back

April 28, 2015

Ildefonso Ortiz


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Tensions have sparked after the Mexican consulate issued a harsh statement blaming the U.S. Border Patrol for a boat crash that left a child and two agents injured.

In response to the harshly worded statement, the local chapter of the National Border Patrol Council rushed to defend the name of the agency pointing out the hypocrisy of the Mexican government and stating that the agents were not at fault in the crash.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, a Mexican fishing boat with a family on board abruptly cut off a U.S. Border Patrol boat leading to the collision. Two agents were ejected with one of them suffering head trauma. Right after the crash, people on the Mexican side began throwing rocks at the agents who were trying to come out of the water. Texas state troopers had to use less lethal weapons to fight off the attackers.

Soon after the crash, the Mexican Consulate issued a written statement condemning the crash and apparently blaming the agents for the child’s injuries as well as stating that the use of less lethal weapons following the incident had been an unjustified use of force.

Just moments after the statement had been issued Chris Cabrera the Vice-president for the Local 3307 of the NBPC spoke with Breitbart Texas defending the agency and calling out the McAllen Consulate. The union has been in constant contact with the agents to make sure their medical needs are taken care of.

“The Government of Mexico is quick to condemn, yet fail to police their own people.  Border Patrol Agents were not at fault for the incident on April 19, 2015 when a watercraft darted in front of a Border Patrol vessel without warning, causing several injuries,” Cabrera said in a prepared statement provided to Breitbart Texas. “Our agents as well as other law enforcement entities came under attack by Mexican Nationals throwing large rocks, attempting to hinder the rescue effort. The Government of Mexico fails to recognize much less condemn this. Furthermore, the Government of Mexico fails to hold their citizens accountable. The Government of Mexico is taking the easy way out by pointing fingers rather than working to ensure the safety of their citizens.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all, both Mexican Nationals and Border Patrol Agents, involved and wish for speedy recoveries. It is disheartening that the Government of Mexico has not expressed concern for the health of our agents.”

Here is the complete statement from the Mexican Consulate:

The Consulate of Mexico in McAllen strongly condemns the incident occurred on April 19, 2015 at the Rio Grande riverbank in which a Border Patrol boat impacted another boat with Mexican nationals on board. Two of the passengers were children and one of them suffered grave injuries. Consular staff have been closely following the health condition of the child, in case consular assistance is needed.  

As it has been reiterated in several occasions, the Government of Mexico censures those incidents in which law enforcement agencies unjustifiably resort on the use of force.  Mexico has stated also that violent incidents like this hurt the spirit of prosperity and good neighborhood spirit that should prevail in our common border, and run against the cooperation and communication established at the Border Violence Prevention High Level Group.

When this Consulate learned about the incident, it demanded a thorough investigation and full accountability, as well as that proper sanctions are applied to the Border Patrol agents involved.

 This Consulate will closely follow the investigations of this regretful incident conducted by local and federal agencies, that will establish the level of responsibility of the Border Patrol agents involved.

 The Embassy of Mexico in Washington will express its deep concern to the appropriate authorities and will closely follow up this case at the federal level.

 This Consulate is in permanent contact with the affected Mexican nationals and will provide the necessary consular assistance, including legal counsel.

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  1. MICHAEL J BRUNING permalink
    April 29, 2015 12:08 pm

    I am certain that his is but “one” demonizing complaint filed by Mexican Consulates all across the USA…and, it certainly won’t be the last. This brand of rhetoric is not uncommon with the governments of Mexico and Central and South America and it will serve its purpose of deflecting the long laundry list of wrong doing against the people of the United States and our fine men and women who protect our Border and serve the needs of the United States 24/7, in the most grueling conditions. It is unfortunate, however, that this Administration gives more weight to the claims of those nations whose citizens are engaged in an on-going invasion of the USA with the knowledge, help, support and encouragement of their respective governments. Likewise, it is disappointing to the extreme that our own government is also engaged in promoting and perpetuating this criminal activity against the American People and that its position of openly criticizing and condemning the law enforcement activities of the Border Patrol is shameful and reprehensible to say the very least. Instead of supporting the lawful actions of our Border Patrol Agents, this Administration has, as in the past, thrown the men and women of that Agency under the bus and has sacrificed them as if they were enemies of the State. It is indeed an insult to the Border Patrol and to the American People when our own government engages in criminal actions that not only violate Immigration Law, the Spirit of the Law….but the Rule of Law itself. anyone who is an interested American Citizen should know by now that this Administration and the several previous Administrations have been engaged in every form of amnesty that can be found. In doing so, they have succeeded in tainting the trust and the respect of the American People and the men and women who serve on all of our nations borders. Were I in charge, I would shut down every Consulate of every nation south of our borders and I would halt any and all forms of financial and resource assistance until such time as those governments demonstrated, via their public words and actions, that they were making an effort to stem the flow of their citizens who enter the USA, illegally, every single day. In this instance, we have some small fry Consular Officer of Mexico, making threats and demands against this nations public servants at the insistence of the Mexican Government. their attempt to disguise that fact is laughable and only shows what kind of a cesspool that the Mexican government really is. In order to take our country back, we need to get rid of the representatives of the countries that are directly and indirectly involved in the invasion that has been on-going for several generations. A firm hand and an absolute loyalty to the Rule of Law, if used, will send the correct message to foreign nationals and to foreign governments who are the mindset that what is ours – is theirs and what is theirs – is also theirs.

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