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New York Times: ‘Seething’ Obama Has Been Let Down by CDC

October 19, 2014
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ObamaWhether it’s his IRS targeting his political opponents, his NSA spying on journalists, his EPA blowing an oil spill, his HHS fumbling a Website designed to sell only one product (ObamaCare), or his CDC proving itself so inept you wonder if anyone there has even bothered to see the movie “Outbreak,” President Obama’s Palace Guards in the mainstream media are always there to assure us the President is very, Very, VERY angry and disappointed.

As though the guy in charge is the helpless one, the real victim.

With the federal government’s unforgivable mishandling of Ebola threatening to finally consume his presidency, it was no less than the New York Times that ran to Obama’s rescue Saturday morning with a feature piece headlined, “Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe.”

Beneath the calming reassurance that President Obama has repeatedly offered during the Ebola crisis, there is a deepening frustration, even anger, with how the government has handled key elements of the response.

Those frustrations spilled over when Mr. Obama convened his top aides in the Cabinet room after canceling his schedule on Wednesday. Medical officials were providing information that later turned out to be wrong. Guidance to local health teams was not adequate. It was unclear which Ebola patients belonged in which threat categories.

“It’s not tight,” a visibly angry Mr. Obama said of the response, according to people briefed on the meeting. He told aides they needed to get ahead of events and demanded a more hands-on approach, particularly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “He was not satisfied with the response,” a senior official said.

The Times obviously doesn’t know the difference between “seething” and “impotent rage.”

This ongoing public relations effort by the Times and the rest of the media is as laughable as it is transparent. The Times wants us to believe everyone let Obama down so we forget how he serially lets the American people down, and does so with a toxic mix of indifference, incompetence, and arrogance.

Obama has been a sitting United States President for nearly six years. He is the most powerful man in the world, and the people at the CDC (and elsewhere) are the people he wants there.

And let’s not forget that the same media currently embarrassing itself with these stories is the same media that mercilessly attacked anyone as racist who questioned Obama’s lack of experience and fitness to lead. On the shoulder of a cheering media, Obama entered the Oval Office with zero executive experience. And now we know after 6 years that he is incapable of learning on the job.

This “seething” meme is the media attempting to justify its own unforgivable mistake as much as Obama’s.

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