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Yellowstone supervolcanoes, fleeing bison, and the ongoing battle to infect your mind with disinfo

April 7, 2014
Mike Adams
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Yellowstone-Bison-VolcanoIn one of the most bizarre examples of viral video fear mongering yet witnessed on the internet, a Youtube video entitled “Yellowstone Buffalo Running For Their Lives!” recently set off a wave of panic that the Yellowstone caldera was about to go supernova. This simple, one-minute video clip somehow set into motion a near stampede of disinfo across alternative media websites which leapt to the conclusion that Yellowstone was about to blow.

From day one, I thought this story was some sort of April Fools prank, and I was shocked to see the Yellowstone “buffalo” rumors proliferate across the ‘net. Click here to see the Yellowstone bison video in question, which has now garnered 1.8 million views.

I’ve spent a lot of time at Yellowstone, and bison run around all the time

For starters, I seem to be one of the few people who has actually spent considerable time in Yellowstone National Park, watching these bison up close and in person. I’ve rented snowmobiles and toured the park in the winter, and I’ve been through the park many times in summer months as well. I was always struck on how stupid the public was when dealing with bison, as almost every year at least one visitor would get gored by trying to stand next to one of these beasts while a family member took their picture. Somehow, people who live in cities don’t understand that Yellowstone is not a petting zoo, and they don’t understand that these animals are truly wild.

(I once had a visitor from New York City who, on the drive toward Yellowstone, asked me while pointing to hundreds of deer in a field, “Whose deer are those?” Ummm…)

So I’m not surprised when visitors who know nothing about Yellowstone, rural living or wild animals freak out when they see bison running down the road. These people apparently have no idea that Yellowstone bison run up and down the roads all the time. And why? Because the roads are the easiest way to get from point A to B, which is precisely we humans build them in the first place. Bison aren’t morons. They like roads, too. It’s easier than running in the dirt and grass.

One group of running bison does not make a mass exodus

This video, in particular, captured merely a few dozen bison running down the road while giving no indication of which way they were actually running or the location of the road within the park. Once again, city people tend to have no idea that Yellowstone Park is not some small city park defined by a few square miles of border. It’s actually nearly 3,500 square miles of wilderness, making it larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

Trust me when I say there’s plenty of room for Bison to run around all day long in any direction they want. A few dozen of these beasts frolicking along a roadway does not equate to a “mass exodus” out of the park.

And, as a general rule to keep in mind when considering Yellowstone, tourists are idiots. Everyone once in a while, a few of them get cooked after leaping into a nice-looking “clear pool of water” which happens to be just barely below boiling temperature.

It’s true that animals can detect seismic events well before humans

Now, I understand the thinking that animals do tend to flee natural disasters well before humans become aware of them. That part is true, as was evidenced in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Many animals in the region did, indeed, flee for the hills and thereby saved themselves from imminent death.

There is no question that animals can detect the ultra low frequency vibrations broadcast by seismic events. Humans might very well be able to detect them too, if they weren’t busy checking their mobile devices for Facebook chatter. There’s good science, in fact, documenting that animals have more acute senses when it comes to seismic event detection.

Such a truism, however, does not equate to the claim that all animals running must thereby be running away from a catastrophic seismic event. Sometimes animals run around because they just feel like it. It’s fun. Heck, if I had four legs, I’d be running around all day, too, because that sort of biological configuration is built for running!

By the way, this ability of animals to detect seismic events does not mean they can “predict” earthquakes. This isn’t premonition; it’s just a heightened set of senses that humans don’t share.

Websites need to fact check more thoroughly

What this story really brings up, however, is the fact that the online media needs to do a lot better job of fact checking their stories. I understand that a great-sounding viral story like “Yellowstone is about to explode” may seem like a major scoop, but if it’s not true then it only makes you look stupid in the end.

All publishers make mistakes from time to time and have had to retract stories or update them with corrections, but to publish this Yellowstone bison video and then leap to the conclusion that the Yellowstone caldera is about to explode is a pretty crazy leap. There is literally no evidence linking the two. A story claiming a link would have had to utterly invent such a link out of thin air. Sure, Yellowstone is a massive underground volcano — a giant “caldera” — which is due to explode and blanket North America with ash. That part is true, but the timeline of such explosions is about once every 600,000 years. Odds are that you and I both will be long dead and gone before this thing erupts.

Too many sites weave known fictions just to gain eyeballs

There’s a lot of fiction being spun these days across the alternative press and even the mainstream press. Even mainstream business journals routinely engage in the publication of blatant falsehoods that serve the interests of their advertisers. But alternative media is where you get the far more bizarre stories — and I’m convinced there are “anti-P.R.” groups that intentionally try to inject these stories into the alt media realm in order to discredit it.

Do you remember all the insanity surrounding the Mayan Calendar doomsday predictions on 12/12/2012?

I publicly scoffed at such predictions well in advance of Dec. 12 — and I was strongly criticized for doing so — but I knew this was yet another example of “astronomical doomsday nonsense” like we’ve seen over and over again with myths of comets, meteors, invisible mirror planets and the like.

Of course, there are REAL cosmological threats to Earth that exist in our solar system; the biggest being the threat of a solar flare achieve a direct hit on Earth’s magnetosphere, causing a massive EMP burst that takes out most of the global power grid. That threat is genuine and scientifically legitimate. But talk of invisible planets and alien motherships hiding behind comets is pure bonkers.

As a direct example of this, the description text on this Yellowstone “Buffalo” video claims a hidden brown dwarf could “set off a superwave” of earthquakes on planet Earth:

“I ran across another piece of data–the G2 cloud–and its link to a possible imminent eruption at Yellowstone, which I thought I should make you aware of. First let me present the G2 cloud data. Scientists are telling us that there is a giant gas cloud that is coming very close to the center of the Milky Way, and if it contains a brown dwarf, it could set off a superwave. If the superwave occurs it could possibly trigger large earthquakes, volcanoes, and various other earth effecting events. The cloud is supposed to be closest to the core about mid March.”

I suppose to a person who has no understanding of the laws of physics or cosmology, this sounds pretty scary. Yet the center of the Milky Way is 27,000 light years away from Earth, meaning that light rays take 27,000 years to reach our planet. I am extremely confident that a cloud of gas 27,000 light years away is not going to magically cause Earth-shattering quakes on our planet. In fact, if this G2 cloud really does contain a brown dwarf, then so what? The gravity of the cloud and the brown dwarf are already having some miniscule impact on our planet, and nothing changes with that just because the G2 cloud begins to interact with a black hole.

Besides, none of this even matters compared to the supermassive black hole that exists at the center of our galaxy (and probably every galaxy, according to cosmologists). Why do you think the Milky Way galaxy is a spiral? It’s because there is a slow orbit of the entire galaxy around a supermassive object in the very center (or a collection of supermassive objects in very close proximity and high-speed local orbits around each other).

Yet the “Yellowstone Bison” Youtube description continues on with another bizarre galactic scare story that claims we will all soon be engulfed in a “hypernova” that transforms the Milky Way into a Seyfert Galaxy:

In the case where an entire 100 jupiter mass brown dwarf were to plunge into the Galactic core in one discrete event, the energy release would be equivalent to that released in a hypernova, the most powerful of known supernova exposions (about 1053 ergs). This could be enough to jump-start the Galactic core into a Seyfert state and generate a potentially lethal superwave…

1053 ergs! OMG! What’s happening, Captain? Should we boost the dilithium crystals and jump to warp 10?

Discerning truth from fiction

The most difficult job in today’s bizarre world is separating fact from fiction. The mainstream media, of course, is knowingly broadcasting almost pure fiction 24/7 and hoping to convince you it’s fact. Anything they don’t want you to believe is branded a “conspiracy theory” — a phrase used as a pejorative, almost as a kind of hate speech against the intellectually curious.

But there’s also a lot of garbage floating around across non-conformist media, including intentional disinfo that’s designed to discredit any news organization not run by the powerful “info cartels” that own Big Media.

So what to believe, then?

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out that anything which is officially denied by the federal government is probably true. Anything broadcast by the mainstream media (or published in science journals) that supports the commercial interests of powerful corporations is probably false. Any information that helps you live longer, healthier and happier — with greater awareness and cognitive function — is likely to be systematically attacked or suppressed. Any scientist who discovers something that runs counter to the current corporate mythology underlying global profits is likely to be censored, oppressed and blackballed. (Case in point, see this Muzzled by Monsanto article.)

You are living in a realm of extreme deception, and sorting out truth from fiction is a full-time job. Most people utterly fail at the task and end up surrendering to the engineered influence of corporations, governments and corrupt institutions. It’s easier, after all, to just go along with the narrative you’re spoon fed rather than try to think critically about the world around you.

And that’s exactly what the institutions of control are counting on: cognitive “laziness” magnified by brain-damaging substances like fluoride, lead contamination, mercury in flu shots and of course the most mind-numbing poison of all: modern-day television.

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