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Another secret history lesson

September 20, 2013
Brasscheck TV
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How many hours did you sit in history class?

I know that I logged a few.

I learned about George Washington, the Civil War and the Roman Empire. Things like that.

What’s NOT taught – or even talked about – is a lot more  interesting.

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  1. September 20, 2013 8:10 pm

    Great, trying to save it and slow it down. So much to learn still.
    Recently I was explaining to some young poeple that, while I was not the ugliest mutt around, I decided to concentrate on brain instead of my small busum. Along the way I learned something important,”if I had only one choise, Beauty or Brain, what gift would I want from the creator. Now 87, I still tell young people, “I choose brain”, Beauty fades but a intellect can enrich your life and get you out of trouble as well. Moral: “we need to change our value base in shools and our books. I visited a Jewish run Medical MRI Center today and I marveled how orderly and methodical it was compared to a previous place. A working mind walways searches and I found myself asking, the same question we ask for the USA, “what happened?” Why such talented people who could emerge as a great Nation, fell under the spell of people of mediocre intalligence who find it necessary to use MONEY and POWER,guided by deceat and intrigue to rise above their mediocrity?.

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