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Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation

May 28, 2012
David Streitfeld and Kevin J. O’Brien, NY Times

After months of negotiation, Johannes Caspar, a German data protection official, forced Google to show him exactly what its Street View cars had been collecting from potentially millions of his fellow citizens. Snippets of e-mails, photographs, passwords, chat messages, postings on Web sites and social networks — all sorts of private Internet communications — were casually scooped up as the specially equipped cars photographed the world’s streets.

“It was one of the biggest violations of data protection laws that we had ever seen,” Mr. Caspar recently recalled about that long-sought viewing in late 2010. “We were very angry.”

Google might be one of the coolest and smartest companies of this or any era, but it also upsets a lot of people — competitors who argue it wields its tremendous weight unfairly, officials like Mr. Caspar who says it ignores local laws, privacy advocates who think it takes too much from its users. Just this week, European antitrust regulators gave the company an ultimatum to change its search business or face legal consequences. American regulators may not be far behind.

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  1. May 29, 2012 12:48 am

    It took Britain to get Murdock lets hope the German get Google. Ever since Earth Link went to Google as the browser I have been going crazy with Google trying to push my MSN Microsoft browser intervening on search stating “you browser cannot get this page can we help you. And lately I tink it has sold to a “ghost” according to my computer specialist, lately my reply to webs like this get wiped out and strange things are happening. Mostly when I write the While House, or some very active turbulent forums like this where you cannot save the web portion.
    So I hope Germany keeps on going, will write my niece stationed in Germany I told her long ago be careful of Facebook Israel probably gets to review the info. and I was right. They were asking to many private questions to join. What is this!!!What do they need all this info from regular citizens. I don’t mind our government we are now so many and foreigners hard to keep us safe. BUT SPIED ON BY FOREIGN PEOPLE AND NATONS, NO WAY!

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