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Businessman Asked to Remove American Flag

March 16, 2012
Mark Matheny, The Intel Hub
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Tom Geiryic, a small business owner in Georgia, has flown a U.S. flag in front of his place of business and in the same spot for around 30 years. He is now being told that it is a code violation and must be removed.

The city is claiming (after 30 years mind you) that the flag is in violation because it is positioned in the right of way, along the roadside.

Tom stated that the flag is on his private property, and that he has a problem with the government telling him where he can fly a U.S. flag on his own privately owned property.

No fine has been posed as of yet, but a warning has been issued stating that the flag must be removed from the right of way. Future violations could possibly result in a thousand dollar fine per day, and 60 days in jail per each day that the flag remains.

For now, Tom stated that he will not move the flag, but instead stick with his ground and feels he should not move the flag simply because it poses no threat to the community

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  1. March 17, 2012 12:17 am

    The idiot that put Obama on the flag was not helping Obama and she knew it. She my be a democrats but when first elected Obama had more enemy from democrats insider than Republicans.

  2. March 17, 2012 12:14 am

    Actually, codes for usage of the Flag have been around for a long time
    since I was a kid and I am 86. The reason given was that the Flag must be treated with respect. Wearing it was unheard, it is not a piece of cloth. Each flag was blessed and could not be trashed when worn. Citizenship is another issue that irks. It is the most valuable part of being a American is like being able to carry the flag, not so easy in those days, it was an honor to be earned.

    The problem we have is that none of those rules have been enforced ot thought now someone is and unfortunately they really don’t know for sure what the rules are. If a business want to fly the flag he has to convince the government it is no for bringing in more business.One cannot USE the flag for profit. And there are rules how to raised lower the flag and how to fold it and carry it. NOW WHAT!! Happy to see more respect for the flag perhaps this country Can be saved from phony Patriots.

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