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Obama imposing national school curriculum

February 21, 2012
Bob Unruh, World Net Daily

A new report compiled by several former Education Department insiders for the Pioneer Institute warns that the Obama administration is imposing a national school curriculum, even though the law doesn’t allow it, by making trades with districts seeking waivers from other program requirements.

“In three short years, the present administration has placed the nation on the road to a national curriculum,” said the authors of the reported called “The Road to a National Curriculum: The Legal Aspects of the Common Core Standards, Race to the Top, and Conditional Waivers.”

“By leveraging funds through its Race to the Top fund and the Race to the Top Assessment Programs, the [Education] Department has accelerated the implementation of common standards in English language arts and mathematics and the development of common assessments based on those standards,” the authors said. “These standards and assessments will create content for state K-12 curriculum and instructional materials.

“The department has simply paid others to do that which it is forbidden to do,” the report continued. “This tactic should not inoculate the department against the curriculum prohibitions imposed by Congress.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 21, 2012 10:34 am

    Obama and his minions need to get kicked to D.C.(de curb). He’s not content to just mess up our lives; but, wants to mess up people’s lives for generations. The dictator, his royal kenyan Iman pharoah MUST go for the good of the people. We need an American Spring.

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