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Obama Sandbags the Archbishop

January 31, 2012
Patrick J. Buchanan

At the end of Sunday mass at the church this writer attends in Washington, D.C., the pastor asked the congregation to remain for a few minutes.

Then, on the instructions of Cardinal Archbishop Donald Wuerl, the pastor proceeded to read a letter.

In the letter, the Church denounced the Obama administration for ordering all Catholic schools, hospitals and social services to provide, in their health insurance coverage for employes, free contraceptives, free sterilizations and free “morning-after” pills.

Parishioners were urged to contact their representatives in Congress to bring about a reversal of President Obama’s new policy.

Now, not only is this a battle the Church must fight, it is a battle the Church can win if it has the moral stamina to say the course.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. February 2, 2012 1:32 am

    Pat: there is a basic answer to all of this. It is the Church job to stop its member from using it not a secular government responsibility to enforce religious beliefs. Granted it is a Catholic hospital but if subsidized by government money, well that is tax money from people of all believes.

    It is time religious people and politician read the Constitution because little by little they have changed the intent of the Founders and since it was a carefully developed idea of changes the system will
    fall. The Church can reject government help then the government cannot interfere unless harm is done as some Cults.

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