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On Ron Paul And “Electability”

January 14, 2012
Steven Yates, News with Views

J. B. Williams’ article “Why Ron Paul Is Unelectable” contains misinformation but does raise a few questions; thus this effort to sort matters out. I should note before proceeding: I have defended Ron Paul or discussed his thinking in the past here, here, and more recently here. I have written this article because (1) if Mitt Romney’s nomination really were inevitable it is no guarantee, obviously, of a victory over Barack Obama (especially if those who supported Ron Paul decide out of conscience that they can’t support Romney and choose to vote third party or go fishing—like it or not, the GOP needs us); and (2) if Romney is the best the GOP can do, it only guarantees more of the same because—as with McCain vs. Obama back in 2008—the differences are more cosmetic than substantive.

In other words, the anybody-but-Obama rhetoric we are hearing from a lot of conservatives these days is as deceptive as the anybody-but-Bush rhetoric of Democrats was back in 2008. Obama has more in common with Bush than he has differences. He, like Bush, proved to be a creature of the power elite—on Wall Street, in the Trilateral Commission, and elsewhere. He continued Bush’s foreign wars and has even widened them to include Libya and Pakistan—and possibly Iran before near-future events can play out. The hope-and-change rhetoric changed nothing. Likewise, promises of a change in direction coming from the Romney camp will change nothing. We’ll see why before we are done here.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. January 15, 2012 6:30 pm

    I wonder if they realize how close they are to Fascism, Communism and all structured doctrine where you cannot deviate from the directive.
    Shut up already and let Ron Paul, a citizen, to express his views, he is offending no one as for his past comment lets have it out, this is a free country right? Are some minorities with vote power change the Constitution to accommodate their unacceptable views? The job of the law is to ensure non violence but don’t try to force people to eat the…Pres. Johnson apply that correctness to the USS Liberty and let murderer off to avoid public anger. How nice of him. Protect the villains not the victim, this is common here at all level, need to change.

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