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Obama’s NDAA Signing Statement is Just Smoke & Mirrors

January 3, 2012
Dave Bertrand, TrafficAlert

This incredible act of Treason, signed into law on New Years Eve has stunned, not only the majority of the American people, but also those in the military that will now fear walking in public in uniform!

The continued lies by mainstream media, that NDAA passage is not for Americans on U.S. soil is outrageous propaganda to further dumb down the public into acceptance of this draconian law, reminiscent of NAZI Germany.

On top of all that!!!

The fear that Ron Paul would get rid of that law, along with re-establishment of the Constitution, AND The Patriot ACT, is the mainstay of the Iowa Caucus vote tomorrow.

The push by the GOP to demonize Ron Paul…a threat to the “Left/Right Paradigm,” is underway by using the mainstream media to falsely show that Santorum is rising and Mitt Romney is maintaining a lead. Not true….

WE THE PEOPLE destroyed the Newt Gingrich camp and we will destroy the Romney/Santorum propaganda.

The Drudge Report shows just how the media are using the pictures of all three top candidates in a sequence, but of picture quality, to brainwash the voter. Ron Paul is the worst picture THEY could find.

Nothing to go on, except protraying Ron Paul as an “Isolationist” on his foreign policy views…what they refuse to tell the voter is Ron Paul’s simple message!! “A president cannot start a war without Congressional approval!” Very simple concept, imbedded in the Constitution.

What WE have to be aware of is a rigged election now and in November.

As more Americans understand this dictatorship in action, the probability of all out civil unrest is likely…

Therefore….the politicians enacted the amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to allow the U.S. military to detain, arrest, and incarcerate Americans on U.S. soil.

If you think it can’t happen here…I suggest YOU wake up.

Keep your eyes on for any and all updates. We’re now in dire times and dire times requires action.

The potential for Martial Law is here and the Constitution Amendments 1 thru 9 are squashed as of the signing of the NDAA by Obama on New Years Eve.

The NDAA has to be aggresively challenged by the Supreme Court and it is NOW your duty to support Ron Paul or face an intolerable (future) goverment that will eventually cause widespread death through armed resistence we have not known since 1776.

This is paramount and far exceeds other issues we’ve been dealing with to no avail. It is the heart of the war that has been declared on the American people.

The NDAA section 1031 and 1032 specifies (indirectly) that ANYONE that relies on the 1st amendment to Redress Grievances on matters that relate to such things as Border Security, or Fluoride poisoning of our drinking water, to Genetic Modified (GMO) food products are “POTENTIAL TERRORISTS” that could be a one-way ticket to Gitmo…or one of many camps being prepared and contracted out to Haliburton (KBR).

Note: “Returning Vets” are also a TARGET, as listed by Homeland Security advisories issued to law enforcement agencies.

The Occupied Wall Street (OWS) activist/anarchists are the pawns of what is about to happen by Spring. Methodically planned as an acceptable group (by most Americans in denial)  for Martial Law action, we should remember the legally armed residents during the Katrina disaster that were dis-armed….a beta test that failed.

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