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Obama Administration Undermines Federalism to Prop Up Faltering Unions

April 30, 2011
Troy Senik, CFIF

Back in the halcyon days of the American labor movement, the protection of a union job brought with it a responsibility to one’s employers and the consumers they served. In fact, the operating mantra of the labor shop was “better products at lower prices.” Regardless of how true that promise ever was, at least it represented a recognition that any occupation, at its core, is supposed to function as a form of service to one’s fellow man.

That notion seems positively quaint by today’s standards. As hulking, union-driven institutions in the private sector have repeatedly proven unable to keep pace with leaner competitors, sluggish and irresponsive public sector unions have also systematically impeded even the basic functions of government and driven many states to the precipice of bankruptcy.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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