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The war against the Internet

January 18, 2011
Brasscheck TV

Manufactured threats are big business

The US used to focus on making useful things.

Then came a parade of manufactured enemies:

  • “The Huns” in World War I (a danger to British Imperial ambitions but not to us),
  • The Axis (which our leading industrialists and bankers funded and armed),
  • The communist menace (which we also helped create by exaggeration, pointless antagonism, and covert funding)
  • “Al Queda”, the CIA-created joke which we’ve practically spent more money “fighting” than on World War II

Now in the absence of any credible threat anywhere, the new danger is…Internet users. People with opinions, the technical term for which is now “domestic extremists.”

Here’s how this “war” (big bucks extravaganza) is being fought.

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