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Obama vs. America

July 29, 2010
Jeff Putman

It is blatantly obvious that Barack Obama is waging an all-out war against the American people – against the poor, but especially against the middle class.

Almost every single policy he’s enacting is well known by every competent scholar and business person to destroy jobs, prosperity, opportunity and freedom. From the health care bill, which is now performing its intended purpose to break the health care system by making insurance unaffordable, to the bailout bills, which are just giant slush funds lavished on political allies, to the financial reform bill, which will destroy local community banks by forcing them to spend themselves into bankruptcy complying with arbitrary regulations, forcing all entrepreneurs to depend on the giant monster megabanks that bought Obama’s way into office (and received 780 billion dollars of your money, just as a start) (Obama’s pals will have the power to decide who gets loans, who is allowed to start a business and create jobs) every one of these policies, and more, are all pushing America at breakneck speed into a totalitarian nightmare, just like the Soviet Union.

Also, just like the Soviet Union, the Obama regime and the strictly censored “mainstream” media are waging an all-out propaganda war against honest, decent Americans – the people who produce our goods and provide our services and support our charities with money and time and effort – by smearing them as “dangerous right-wing extremists.”

We’ve seen propaganda campaigns like this before. The Bolsheviks demonized the bourgeoisie in Russia. The Nazis demonized the Jews in Europe.

Propaganda campaigns like the one we see now are themselves evidence of the sort of monstrous plans that the propagandists would have you believe are just “paranoid fantasies.” The propaganda itself is tangible evidence of the sinister forces behind it.

Just like in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, the current propaganda has a purpose. It is to condition the population (a large part of which is just too lazy to pay attention enough to see through the lies) to accept, and even demand the wholesale extermination of entire classes of people. Learn from history. When propaganda campaigns like the current one appear, the Gestapo is never far behind.

Expect “false flag” operations – operatives of one faction committing atrocities in the name of their opponents. Again, learn from history.

Hitler’s henchmen burned the Reichstag and blamed the Jews. Nero’s henchmen burned Rome and blamed the Christians. It is a sure thing that Obama’s henchmen will commit some atrocity and blame “dangerous right-wing extremists” who are in reality just “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, Main Street” Americans.

This article has been identifying Obama as the focal point of all this evil, but he’s just an operative. He’s just a pretty face carrying out the directives of the foreign billionaires who illegally poured many millions of dollars into his campaign (as well as those of many Senators and Representatives). Those foreign billionaires have been subverting America’s (and the world’s) institutions (government, finance, business, media, education, and religion) for several decades. The Obama regime is now making an all-out push to cause the final collapse of our purposely decayed civilization. Obama is acting in defiance and contempt of the clearly expressed mandate of the American people.

When the “false flag” operations appear, as they certainly will, don’t believe whatever official story is being told. And don’t help the monster! Stalin and Hitler could never have enforced their police states without people VOLUNTARILY turning in their neighbors. Obama won’t be able to impose his police state either, without you snitching on your neighbors. If someone has committed a real crime (done actual harm to an actual victim) you should report that. But if someone is just storing up food, water, fuel, etc., or just reading the Bible or uncensored news, don’t snitch! Even if the monster bribes you to feed it, it will not spare you! It will still eat you, and it will just be that much stronger when it does!

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    July 29, 2010 1:24 pm

    Obama a red diaper baby inherently does not represent America or any country, but a Marxist ideology. Marxism—mandates crushing democracies and individualism, forcing socialism or worse on Citizens—even if that means destroying their economy, certainly the U.S. Constitution. Obama appears intended to accomplish both.

    It is apparent Obama has no substance—Obama is a reflection of the communists, Marxists and socialists that indoctrinated him most of his life. It is a mistake for Americans to think Obama represents the United States. Obama’s allegiance is driven by a leftist ideology that takes precedence over America. It can be argued whether having Obama in the White House poses a threat to National Security. Obama took an oath as President to uphold the Constitution but did Obama lie, commit fraud to move into the White House? While Americans talk about impeachment, consideration should be given to investigating Obama for Treason if he has directly or covertly supported communist activity since being elected President. Communism calls for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Not long ago, it was commonplace in American to arrest promulgators of communism. Perhaps that should be revisited…

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