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The left-wing propaganda machine

April 13, 2010
Lynn M Stuter

When leftist politicians are in trouble, politically, there is one thing you can count on:  they will do anything to divert attention away from themselves.

The hugely unpopular health-care vote is a case in point.

On the particular day of the vote, black Congressmen made a point of walking through “kill the bill” protestors on their way to chambers.  They could have used the tunnel to arrive at their destination but they didn’t.  Not that walking through the protestors wasn’t their right, they had every right, but their doing so makes their reasons for doing so suspect.

And sure enough, that very night, the leftist lamestream media headlined the claims that black Congressmen had been called the “n” word by protestors and how one Congressman had been “spit on.”  The insinuation:  the protestors were racists.

But, interestingly, with all the cameras rolling in the crowd, no one could come up with any footage of the alleged incidents.  On camera, the black Congressman who claimed he was spit on is clearly seen deliberately walking right in front of a protestor who is yelling “kill the bill.”  He was the victim of spray, not spit.  It’s a little difficult to send a “spit bomb” when yelling “kill the bill”, unless, of course, one is a master of contortion!

That the black Congressman chose to walk by right in front of the protestor, at close proximity, also means he did so knowing that he would get spray on him.  In other words, his actions were deliberate and his purpose was so he could make false accusations based on his color.

The tactic is typical Saul Alinsky agitprop (short for agitation for propaganda), Alinsky being a self-avowed Marxist well versed in agitprop.

Clearly, the intent of the black Congressmen, in walking through the crowd of protestors, was to incite racial slurs.  When it didn’t happen, they made it up with the full cooperation of the leftist lamestream media who made it front and center on their nightly propaganda stream called the “nightly news.”

And true to nature, when no proof was presented of the authenticity of the claims of the black Congressman, the leftist lamestream media, who required no proof in the first place, didn’t recant their obviously bogus claims.

Having failed to inflame the masses with claims of racial slurs and spit, the leftists then set out to divert attention by pulling a “Waco/Ruby Ridge” maneuver; that is to say, they targeted a group on allegations that they planned to kill a law enforcement officer and kill more cops at the funeral.

On the very face, this allegation sounds a little too hokey to even be plausible.  A small group of individuals are going to murder a police officer then expect that all his associates are going to show up to the funeral unarmed?

Sounds really logical, doesn’t it?  Somehow I have my doubts that the Hutaree’s are suicidal like so many of Also Known As (AKA) Obama’s Muslim brothers.

If, as the government claims, the Hutaree’s had received tactical training, such doesn’t jibe with the government claim of how the Hutaree’s intended to use that training.  On the whole, the government claims sound just a little too contrived.  Kind of like the bogus claims made to justify killing Vicki and Sammy Weaver at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians at Waco.

The ones who put this story out, however, obviously believed the majority of Americans wouldn’t see the inconsistencies in such an implausible story, especially if they threw enough bigoted epithets, straight out of the playbook of the likes of Mark Potok of the Southern “Poverty” Law Center (SPLC), into the mix of propaganda spewed forth by the leftist lamestream media to the masses:  extremist, militia, right wing …  and the best of them all: “Christian” militia, the intent obviously to smear all Christians as “right wing extremists who hate the government.”

Great care is taken that no mention is made of the fact that the government, as it now is, is far beyond its constitutional bounds; far beyond its authority; that it has become the government of Big Brother prophesied by the likes of Animal Farm and 1984; far outside the limited form of government established by the Founding Fathers to allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to pursue a livelihood and to live their lives according to the Ten Commandments of God.

As for the SPLC and Mark Potok, they have been recently labeled a left-wing hate group, supporting every Marxist idea that comes down the pike including open borders.  They no doubt champion the refusal of Barack Insane Obama to secure the border following the murder of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz by illegal aliens.  Now lawmakers in Texas are being threatened by Mexican drug cartels who are also known to be in possession of IEDs.  The reaction of Barack Insane Obama?  He’s “monitoring the situation.”  The message is clear:  it’s okay to kill white Americans, just don’t kill the invaders or the drug runners.

In divorce papers filed by one of Morris Dees’ ex-wives, his sexual proclivities and perversion are exposed.  On par with Richard Butler, head of the Aryan Nations, Dees will do anything to get his face in front of the cameras; his modus operandi, and that of his organization, is to continually incite the specter of violence against minorities to keep money rolling into his coffers to support his lavish lifestyle.

And because the American people, by and large, have been the product, for too many years, of the government schools where the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been spit on as the product of “lecherous old men”; the students graduating those government schools have no clue the foundations of America or why the Constitution and Bill of Rights are their guarantee of freedom only so long as they protect those same documents.

The people who voted for AKA are testament to the ignorance that government schools are producing; of people who believe it the job of government to 1) give them what they don’t want to work for; 2) give them rights; and 3) take care of them.

These are the people who listened to AKA and believed him when he said, “I’m going to give you …. I’m going to provide you with …. I’m going to spread the wealth around.”  They didn’t stop to ask what that would cost them; all they heard was “He’s gonna gimme …”

It was Thomas Jefferson who stated, so long ago,

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

What AKA and his kind never tell people, naive enough to believe it the job of the government to take care of them, is that the devil is in the details; that nothing is ever free; that the cost of all the goodies AKA and his ilk dangle before them, is their freedom.  Quite obviously, not very many have read or heeded the story of Jabez Stone who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the miracles the Devil could conjure.  The old classics, like The Devil and Daniel Webster, aren’t taught in schools anymore where one’s morals, standards and values are always in flux, always situational.

Such thinking, however, does not change the fact that the loss of freedom is always the price paid to get something for nothing.  It has been ever so and will always be so, no matter what Marxists like AKA and his ilk try to claim.

Some will undoubtedly believe that Barack Insane Obama was a misprint.  Far from it.  Only an insane person would work for their own enslavement; only an insane, self-absorbed person would ever believe they know better than God what is best for His people.  AKA hasn’t been called a malignant narcissist by more than one psychologist for nothing.

Now that the whole Hutaree scam has been exposed as a leftist propaganda ploy, the left has come up with a new propaganda piece, hard on its heels:  this one claiming that a group called Guardians of the free Republics has sent “threatening letters to governors”.

In the small print of the article written about the letter that Governor Gregoire of Washington state supposedly received, comes this little gem, “more than 30 governors had received letters saying if they don’t leave office within three days they will be removed…”

Oh my, but that does sound quite dastardly, doesn’t it?

Oh, but wait, in the very next sentence comes this revelation, “Investigators do not see threats of violence in the group’s message …”

Huh?  First it’s a threat, then … well … it’s not really.  Of course, the obvious intent was that people wouldn’t read beyond the first claim to see the immediate recanting of that claim.  This is a known propaganda ploy.  The recanting sentence then goes on to claim that well, such letters might incite others to violence.

Come again?  Had the existence of the letter not been made public, who, besides those receiving them, would have known about it?  How could the letter have incited anyone to violence?

Quite obviously, the intent of publicizing the letter was to incite someone to violence which is why the leftist lamestream media spun the reality of the letter into something it truly is not.  This is the letter the governors supposedly received.

Seems to me those yelling “threat” are working terribly hard at “feeling threatened.”  Of course, Christine Gregoire goes all aflutter at the least affront to her self-image of importance in the grand scheme of things.

First the letter was a threat, then it wasn’t, then it might be, and then, well, maybe it might be.

It’s all a ploy, it’s all propaganda.

The purpose in all this?

Those who truly believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights must be painted as some kind of right-wing nut, extremist, whack job, etc., if by association only; they must be made to appear violent even though violence is more the modus operandi of left-wing groups such as those to which AKA’s good friends and associates, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, belonged — the Weather Underground, part of the Students for a Democratic Society, with ties to Saul Alinsky.


It’s the oldest trick in the book — smear those who truly believe in freedom, who truly know what is wrong with the Marxist ideology of the likes of AKA, who truly know why we must protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights at all cost, so people won’t realize they are being led down the path to their own enslavement.

If people shun those who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, if they can be led to believe the leftist lamestream media bilge that “all conservatives are alike” and that fringe groups representative conservatism as a whole, they are guaranteeing their own enslavement at the hands of Marxists like AKA, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Patty Murray, and Maria Cantwell, who are trying frantically to convince the people that what they believe in, what they are pushing, is not Marxist; that they have the “best interests” of the people at heart.

And if the people cannot be persuaded, as the anger over government-run healthcare has more than adequately demonstrated, then pull a false-flag operation to convince people the good guys are really the bad guys and the bad guys, the ones behind the false-flag operation, are the good guys.

Hitler had great success doing this in Germany, the Reichstag fire was blamed on Jews but was the work of Hitler’s men just like the good Congressman’s claiming he was spit on was his own doing in an attempt to falsely accuse whites of racism, the targeting of the Hutarees, and the self-serving conniption fits being voiced by the likes of Christine Gregoire over the letter from the Guardians of the free Republics has been done in an attempt to paint those believing in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as “extremists.”

Patty Murray’s exploitation of little Marcelas Owens, in her zeal to enslave the people under government-run socialist medicine, is another good example.  While selling government-run healthcare as a way for everyone to get health care, Patty Murray very carefully avoids the fact that government-run healthcare will be managed care and the only way to accommodate the inefficiency and graft that permeates every government-run program, the only way to curtail costs while supporting the government bureaucracy, including the burgeoning payroll of new employees, will be to deny people needed healthcare.

It becomes obvious that young Marcelas Owens was not more than a tool to be used and exploited by the likes of Patty Murray to her own ends.  That she would so shamelessly exploit this naive child is beyond unconscionable.

But she is not without accomplices in that endeavor.  There is more to the Marcelas Owens story than Patty Murray wants known.

Gina Owens, grandmother to Marcelas Owens, child of Tiffany Owens, deceased, is a member of a group called Washington Community Action Network or Wa-CAN.  This is a community organizing group out of Seattle, Washington, undoubtedly affiliated with Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), undoubtedly also affiliated with ACORN.

Wa-CAN, as is true of all IAF affiliated groups, is promoting “democracy”.  The United States, as established, was not established as a “democracy”.  The founding fathers, in fact, abhorred the term.  In the words of James Madison,

“…Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths.  Theoretic politicians, who have patronized this species of Government, have erroneously supposed, that by reducing mankind to a perfect equality in their political rights, they would, at the same time, be perfectly equalized and assimilated in their possessions, their opinions, and their passions.”

In other words, democracy is about equal outcome not equal opportunity.  Equal outcome is the stuff of Marxists like AKA who want to take from those who have made good decisions, who have worked hard for what they’ve got, who have made the most of their lives, and give it to those who haven’t made good decisions, who haven’t made the most of the opportunities afforded them, in a redistribution of wealth.

The U.S.S.R. was a democracy as are all Marxist nations (whether flying the flag of communism, fascist or Nazism).

If you go to the Washington Community Action Network website, and scroll down just a bit, there you will see Patty Murray happily ensconced among Wa-CAN members.  While happy to give the impression that Marcelas Owens approaching her was quite by accident, it’s pretty obvious that Patty Murray was looking for a poster child for healthcare reform and Wa-CAN was only too happy to accommodate Murray in the form of Marcelas Owens, the newest Wa-CAN activist in the Owens family.

The whole Marcelas Owens episode was contrived, beginning to end; the child was exploited start to finish.

It is truly sad that Tiffany Owens saw fit to have not one, but three children, out of wedlock.  Did Tiffany Owens make good decisions?  Obviously, she did not.  But Patty Murray truly believes you should pay for Tiffany Owens poor decisions.  And Gina Owens obviously believes she is entitled to the fruit of your labor as well.

In the end, people like Tiffany Owens and Marcelas Owens are not but pawns for Marxists like Patty Murray.  As Paul Likoudis said, so well, in the closing remarks of chapter one of his book, The Legacy of CHD (Campaign for Human Development, a Catholic charity set up to fund Industrial Areas Foundation activities), 1994, Wanderer Press,

“As for the poor, for whom CHD alleges to have such concern, their lives are never improved; their poverty is never eased or escaped.  They are just voters – and pawns in leftist politics.”

And in all the leftist lamestream media promotion of government-run healthcare, not one word has been spoken about the fact that the Senators and Representatives, indeed not even AKA, will be subject to the same government-run healthcare system being forced on the people.

And while AKA wants to “spread the wealth around”, you will notice that it isn’t his wealth he wants to spread around, but he’s quite willing to take yours and spread it around.

That is always the way with elitists.  While they portend to know what is best for you, what they think is best for you, and what they believe is best for them, don’t jibe.

That’s because they believe themselves somehow superior to you, even though they contend otherwise.

And when leftist blacks hurl racial slurs — like the “n” word, “Oreo”, and “Uncle Tom” — at those blacks who don’t agree with them, not one word will you hear from the leftist lamestream media about it.  When leftist blacks hurl racial slurs at whites, you will not hear one word from the leftist lamestream media about that either.

Too many blacks have become pawns of leftist politics; pawns in a game that will only enslave them.  They are a captive audience to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Franken, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and others who exploit blacks for their own personal and monetary gain.

AKA, who sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and listened to him spew bigotry and hate from the  pulpit, who worships at the altar of self-avowed Marxist Saul Alinsky, who surrounds himself with people who espouse Marxist ideology, is very much an exploiter of people to his own narcissistic ends.  Slavery of all people is his goal.  He truly envisions himself a “messiah.”

Barack Insane Obama is an enemy of our Constitution and Bill of Rights; he is an enemy of anyone who loves freedom, liberty and justice.

An article, published at World Net Daily on April 8, 2010, exposes further the fact that Kenya claims Barack Insane Obama was not born anywhere near Hawaii.  On March 24, 2010, Mr Orengo, Minister for Lands, speaking before the Kenyan Parliament (page 31), acknowledged that Obama was born there, asking, “how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?”

Beyond the fact of his dual citizenship at birth, this makes Obama, then and now, an illegal alien in this country in violation of existing U.S. law.

The American citizens have produced the proof of this man’s ineligibility.  Barack Insane Obama, on the other hand, has produced nothing to prove otherwise.

Barack Insane Obama is illegitimate; he must be removed.

If those empowered to remove him refuse to do so, they become accomplices in the crimes he has and is committing.

Recommended viewing:  Types of Government, Explained.

© 2010 Lynn M Stuter – All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Ross Wolf permalink
    April 13, 2010 4:16 pm

    How To Oust Tea Party Leftist Infiltrators & Provocateurs Instigating Violence:

    Consider how law-abiding protest groups in other countries have uncovered and distanced themselves from Infiltrators and Provocateurs instigating violence:

    In Belfast, Northern Ireland between 1980-1995 Irish Catholics were inundated with British provocateurs whose mission was to marginalize the efforts of lawful Citizens at protests. Provocateurs that joined with lawful groups appeared to be like everyone else, supporting the cause; and would attend meetings to spy on group members, then offer ideas to cause members to break the law; other provocateurs attending meetings would appear law-abiding sometimes offering constructive ideas; then suddenly one day without warning instigate violence at a protest, attacking the opposition at a protest with words, their signs or e.g., throwing rocks. Lawful protest groups to counter the unexpected violence caused by Provocateurs in their midst or those in opposition groups at a protest, came up with the following counter measures: Law-abiding Protest groups appointed “Stewards” that monitored not only their own members but demonstrators in opposition groups at protests: ACTION TAKEN: When it became apparent at a Protest, someone in their own group was instigating violence or causing confrontation with the opposition at a Protest, “Stewards” would blow a low pitch whistle; then immediately all group members not involved in violence or confrontation would quickly distance themselves many feet from the lawbreakers forming a tight circle, sometimes holding hands, to block out the “instigator” or “Provocateur” from returning or entering their law-abiding circled of Citizens. Meanwhile “Stewards” as a matter of operation always carry a video camera to tape for the record, that their law-abiding members immediately distanced themselves from an “instigator” that caused confrontation or violence. That videotape might be needed later to prove who was and who wasn’t involved in violence. A copy of that videotape might also be provided to the press to expose a provocateur or to marginalize political opposition that employed the provocateur.

    Keep in mind, that a Provocateur in a group of law-abiding protesters might individually start a fight against a fellow group protester or with another protester also a Provocateur—from either side—to cause arrests; in which case the “steward” would blow the whistle for law-abiding group members to immediately separate, distancing themselves from all confrontational persons in the manner described above. Subsequently a protest group will have to sort out whether a violent instigator in their group, is a Provocateur.

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