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White House Plan Mum on Illegal Health Coverage

February 23, 2010
James R. Edwards Jr.

The White House unveiled its latest health reform scheme Monday, but the materials make no mention of whether it would cover or bar illegal aliens under various health programs or require enrollees’ eligibility verification based on citizenship or immigrant status.

Silence on the administration’s part could mean it intends to include some type of verification requirements, based on post-Joe Wilson assurances. Or it could mean the White House intends not to verify eligibility for anyone being enrolled in expanded Medicaid or CHIP, or receiving taxpayer subsidy to pay health insurance premiums. The safe bet is silence should be interpreted as bad news. If there’s nothing explicit here – and there isn’t – that illegal aliens don’t qualify for public health programs or the subsidy, then, by default, illegal aliens will benefit in each of these ways.

If it’s true that Obamacare extends taxpayer-funded health coverage to illegal aliens, and there’s no reason to think it isn’t, then the price tag to pay for their health care alone will mount to the tens of billions or more. This was the case before, and it remains the case. After all, immigrants are disproportionately uninsured.

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