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Obama, You Offend Me!

February 8, 2010
Ron Ewart

“Well, son, since you haven’t learned to respect your elders, it is time you learned to respect your betters.” John Wayne, from the movie ‘Big Jake’.

Very few people have become an icon of a way of life, as did John Wayne. On or off camera, John portrayed the fierce independence, self reliance and pride that epitomized the perception of the American West, with all its faults and warts. He stood physically taller than most men and few would “crowd” him. He took no quarter and gave none. The perception was that no matter what came his way, he would walk away standing. It is the way that most of us would like to be, but very few attain. It is the image of the tall, strong and proud American, that was born out of the womb of freedom.

But the arrogant, over-educated, narcissistic whipper snapper that occupies the White House, is the antithesis of the proud, independent American who will bust his butt to make his way on his own and to take care of his own, with little or no help from anyone else, least of all the government. To call for help is the last and final alternative, that was bred into us for 233 years in liberty. But if one of our own calls for help, we are right there, ready to lend a helping hand, because that is who Americans are.

In fact, let me be brutally frank. “Obama, you offend me!

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