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Don’t Like the Message? Attack the Messenger

January 5, 2010
Bobby Eberle

One would think that if someone truly believes in a particular form of government, debating the merits of that system would be no problem. Right? Not if you’re Barack Obama or the multitude of other far left politicians. Rather than put their “tax the rich and give more power to government” philosophy up against their opponent’s political beliefs in an open forum, their strategy is to personally discredit their opposition. When no one credible is left, the only choice for the American people is to believe Obama and his cronies.

We’ve seen this “seek and destroy” tactic employed numerous times. The most recent was Obama’s attempt to discredit the entire Fox News company. Now, the far left has a new target. Independent pollster Scott Rasmussen is squarely in the crosshairs of left-wing bloggers in an effort to portray him as biased and incompetent. Rasmussen is not a partisan, but because his numbers don’t add up to a glowing endorsement of Obama and the Democrats, he’s now the target.

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