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There he goes: Obama begins expected assault on gun rights

March 15, 2009
David F. Beckley


gun-controlAs reported by ABC News last month, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Barack Obama administration is contemplating reinstating the 1994 Clinton gun ban, which expired in 2004.

Purportedly, President Obama would institute “just a few” gun-related changes, such as closing the supposed gun-show loophole and a ban on so-called assault weapons.

The gun-show loophole as defined has to do with the fact that any citizen can walk into a gun show and sell a firearm without doing a background check or filling out federal firearm form 4473. In reality, this is the equivalent of selling a firearm to your next-door neighbor, which is legal in almost every state in the nation. This would simply eliminate this type of sale at a gun show.

The more atrocious of Obama’s acts would be to reinstate the gun ban that Clinton signed into law in 1993 and went into effect in 1994. It banned so-called assault weapons, which primarily are rifles of a military design, with such characteristics as a bayonet lug, a pistol grip or a detachable magazine, which manufacturers were able to bypass with simple design changes. The ban was designed to sunset 10 year from its effective date, which it did in September 2004.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Bureau of Justice statistics, which track murder, violent attacks, rapes and other crimes from 1960 forward, indicate there was no appreciable difference between crimes during the period the ban was in place and the periods before and after. In other words, the assault-weapons ban was simply for show – to show the public that politicians were doing something to reduce crime.

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