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Know THE SCORE – Government 75 – People 25

March 14, 2009
Walter Burien

It is all about controlling people and the take-over of it all by investment ownership.

The people are there generating the productivity wealth and then government through ever increasing systematic investment ownership takes that productivity for conversion into liquid hard asset ownership and cash drained from the people’s accounts into government’s and their cooperative players accounts through taxation and market manipulations.

Government now owns the market place or in so many words, they own the cookie jar so they determine the price of a cookie, how many are sold, and how many are kept or discarded.

Government out of “opportunity” (which is made up of select inside players and their cooperatives) now owns your productivity, the end result hard assets derived therefrom ends up under their control and ownership, and here is how it was done!

For this example I will just cover the time period of 2000 through 2009 for a showing of specifics even though the “procedure” in general has been in operation and expanding since 1945. A few notes on 1945 through 2000 are as follows with the specifics of 2000-2009 at the end.

In general, lets go back to what Al Capone use to say in the 30’s: “What the hell are we fighting government for, let’s become government and we will then take whatever we want.” Well, they did and the rest is history.

The story continues …..

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