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Expanding Canadian Trade Horizons

March 9, 2009

It is clear that Canada must lessen its dependency on the U.S., but if future free trade deals are based on the failed NAFTA model, they could prove costly. A steady diet of globalization is being offered as a solution to Canada’s economic woes. While there is a need to expand Canadian trade horizons, at the same time there is a push for further North American economic integration. Former Minister of International Trade, David Emerson, is calling for closer Canada-U.S. ties in the form of a customs union, further integration on regulatory matters, along with updating NAFTA to include labour mobility. He is also recommending that Canada advocate a North American security perimeter. Although under its current structure the Security and Prosperity Partnership might be dead, it appears as if plans for a North American Community or rather a North American Union, are still very much alive.

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