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Mexico as a failed state will require U.S. military intervention

January 25, 2009
Canada Free Press

nuclear-bombThe US Department of Defense considers Mexico one of the two governments in the world most likely to suffer a “rapid and sudden collapse” that could require military intervention. A section on “weak and failing countries,” of a report recently released by the US Joint Forces Command says that narcotraffic and organized crime could generate a chaotic scene and the army would be obligated to respond for reasons of national security. At the end of 2008, the US government declared the Mexican drug cartels to be the greatest threat to its territory.

In their meeting Monday, President-elect Obama and President Calderon agreed to establish an alliance to work bilaterally in combating drug and arms traffic, commerce and migration. This is Obama’s first meeting with a president of another country since his election. He also promised to collaborate with the Mexican government in matters of security.

President elect Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, continuing a longstanding tradition by which new American presidents meet with their Mexican counterparts.

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