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Chief Justice Mcgregor Takes Steps To Halt Rally On Front Steps Of Supreme Court

December 9, 2008

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CS II Press
Tucson, Arizona

Chief Justice of Arizona Supreme Court Ruth McGregor, who just received the support of the influential left wing blog “The Feathered Bastard,” has taken behind-the-scenes steps to intimidate Warden from conducting his Rally to Impeach on the front steps of the Arizona Supreme Court this Wednesday.

“I understand McGregor is embarrassed. She should be. She’ll be even more embarrassed this Wednesday when she hears what I have to say,” Roy Warden said today.

Last week Warden called various state officials, including Rick Servicki, Chief of Security of the Arizona Supreme Court, The Capitol Police, The Department of Administration, etc. in an attempt to lay out the ground rules for the Rally.

“I told them what my intentions were, chapter and verse,” Warden said. “They were in agreement. Last week we were all on the same page. Then some woman named Jobalena called at 4:00 pm on Monday and said we needed a permit to conduct the Rally to Impeach on State property.

“The permit, which must be applied for two days in advance, requires a two million dollar insurance policy. Such a requirement, which advances no legitimate state interest, is clearly intended to intimidate us and deny us access to public property.

“Jobalena said we could gather on the public sidewalk without a permit. I said ‘fine, I’m sure some of our supporters will do just that. But come hell or high water, I’m gonna speak from the front steps of the Arizona Supreme Court.’

“I suggest Chief Justice McGregor get off her high horse and read a little law before trying to intimidate me,” Warden said. “Under nearly identical circumstances the U.S. Supreme Court has protected the right of the public to conduct a rally on the front steps of the United States Supreme Court.

“What’s good enough for the U. S. Supreme Court should be good enough for the likes of Ruth McGregor. That she doesn’t think the law of the land applies to her is even more reason for her to resign.”

For more information, please contact:

Roy Warden
Director, TWPF
(520) 881-0535
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