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Valerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress

October 25, 2014
Irene Garcia
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President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was a key player in the effort to cover up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious scandal, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch.

The information is part of a Department of Justice (DOJ) “Vaughn index” detailing records about the gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious. JW had to sue the agency for the records after the Obama administration failed to provide them under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A federal court ordered the DOJ to provide the records over the agency’s objections. Yesterday JW reported on the broad information in the records, including that Obama asserted executive privilege for Holder’s wife as part of the administration’s efforts to cover up the scandal.

Practically lost in the 1,000-plus pages of records is an index that shows Jarrett was brought in to manage the fact that Holder lied to Congress after the story about the disastrous gun-running operation broke in the media. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ran the once-secret program that allowed guns from the U.S. to be smuggled into Mexico so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels. Instead, federal law enforcement officers lost track of hundreds of weapons which have been used in an unknown number of crimes, including the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

The files received by JW include three electronic mails between Holder and Jarrett and one from former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke to Jarrett. The e-mails with Holder are all from October 4, 2011, a significant date because, on the evening of October 3rd, Sheryl Attkisson (then at CBS news) released documents showing that Holder had been sent a briefing paper on Operation Fast and Furious on June 5, 2010. The paper was from the director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, Michael Walther.

This directly contradicted Holder’s May 3, 2011 testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, during which he stated that he, “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” The October 4, 2011 date may also be significant because it came shortly after the August 30, 2011 resignation of U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke and reassignment of acting ATF director Kenneth Melson to the position of “senior forensics advisor” at DOJ.

The description of one of the e-mails, written from Jarrett to Holder, reads, “re: personnel issues.” Another, also from Jarrett, reads, “outlining and discussing preferred course of action for future responses in light of recent development in congressional investigation.” Unfortunately, the index is vague and that’s all the information we have about them. Nevertheless, given the timing and subject of these e-mails, it seems clear that Jarrett quickly became a key player in the Fast and Furious cover-up in the immediate aftermath of the revelation that Holder had lied to Congress.

New York, New Jersey Say They Will Require Ebola Quarantines

October 25, 2014
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Mandatory Quarantine Facilities Activated in New York

Alarmed by the case of an Ebola-infected New York doctor, the governors of New Jersey and New York on Friday ordered a mandatory, 21-day quarantine for all medical workers and other arriving travelers who have had contact with victims of the deadly disease in West Africa.

The move came after a New York City physician who returned to the U.S. a week ago from treating Ebola patients in Guinea fell ill with the virus. Many New Yorkers were dismayed to learn that after he came home, Dr. Craig Spencer rode the subway, took a cab, went bowling, visited a coffee shop and ate at a restaurant in the city of 8 million.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the case led them to conclude that the two states need precautions more rigorous than those of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommends monitoring of exposed people for 21 days but doesn’t require quarantine, in which they are kept away from others.

“It’s too serious a situation to leave it to the honor system of compliance,” Cuomo said.

Those who are forcibly quarantined will be confined either to their homes or, if they live in other states, to some other place, most likely a medical facility, the governors said. Those quarantined at home will receive house calls from health officials. Twenty-one days is the incubation period for the Ebola virus.

Dr. Howard Zucker, acting New York state health commissioner, said any medical personnel who have treated Ebola patients in the three Ebola-ravaged West African countries — Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia — will be automatically quarantined.

Cuomo said anyone arriving from the three countries will be questioned at the airport about their contact with Ebola patients.

The two governors gave no estimate of how many travelers would be subject to quarantine, but Cuomo said “we’re not talking about a tremendous volume of people coming in from these areas,” and added that there are no plans to hire more screeners at airports.

The two states are home to Kennedy Airport and Newark Liberty in New Jersey, both major international portals.

Spencer’s illness led lawmakers on Capitol Hill, scientists and ordinary New Yorkers to wonder why he was out on the town after his return from West Africa — and why stronger steps weren’t being taken to quarantine medical workers.

Health officials said that he followed U.S. and international guidelines in checking his temperature every day and watching for symptoms, and that he put no one at risk. But others said he should have been quarantined — either voluntarily or by the government — during the incubation period.

An automatic three-week quarantine makes sense for anyone “with a clear exposure” to Ebola, said Dr. Richard Wenzel, a Virginia Commonwealth University scientist who formerly led the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

Aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, the group Spencer was working for, have argued that mandatory quarantines are unnecessary because people with Ebola aren’t contagious until symptoms begin, and even then it requires close contact with body fluids.

Also, aid organizations have warned that many health care volunteers wouldn’t go to Ebola hot zones if they knew they would be confined to their homes for three weeks after they got back.

Spencer, a 33-year-old emergency room doctor, returned from Guinea on Oct. 17 and sought treatment Thursday after suffering diarrhea and a 100.3-degree fever. He was listed in stable condition at a special isolation unit at Bellevue Hospital Center, and a decontamination company was sent to his Harlem home. His fiancee, who was not showing symptoms, was being watched in a quarantine ward at Bellevue.

On the streets of New York, Michael Anderson was critical of the U.S. government and Spencer.

“He’s stupid, a complete idiot” for moving about in public, the longtime Manhattan resident said at Grand Central Station. “It’s his responsibility when you come back from Africa” not to put people at risk, he said.

Cuomo, too, was critical of Spencer, saying he did “great work” as a volunteer, but adding: “He’s a doctor and even he didn’t follow the voluntary quarantine. Let’s be honest.”

Nearly 4,900 people have died in the Ebola outbreak, most of them in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In other developments:

— One of the two Dallas nurses who caught Ebola from a patient was declared virus-free and released from a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Nina Pham, 26, said she felt “fortunate and blessed to be standing here today.” She later met with President Barack Obama at the White House. The other nurse, Amber Vinson, is in an Atlanta hospital, where she was said to “making good progress.”

— Millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready for use in 2015, and five more experimental vaccines will start being tested in March, the World Health Organization said.

— In Mali, which reported its first case this week, authorities warned that many people are in danger because the toddler who brought the disease to the country was bleeding from her nose as she traveled on a bus from Guinea.

The World Health Organization is not recommending the quarantine of returning aid workers without symptoms, according to spokeswoman Sona Bari.

“Health care workers are generally self-monitoring and are aware of the need to report any symptoms, as this patient did,” she wrote in an email.

Bruce Johnson, president of SIM USA, a Christian organization based in North Carolina, said its staffers are told to follow the CDC guidelines. Beyond that, he said, they are told to avoid crowded public areas.

He warned that such measures could discourage volunteers.

Nurses, doctors and others who hold down regular jobs back home would say, “I want to go over and help for a month, but now you’re telling me that when I get back I can’t go to work for 21 days?” Johnson said. “Yes, I think that will dampen the generous spirit of people in the U.S. who want to go help.”

Johnson was echoed by Dr. Rick Sacra, a Massachusetts physician who was infected with Ebola while doing medical aid work in Liberia. He was evacuated to a specialized treatment center in Nebraska, recovered and was released last month.

“A three-week complete quarantine would eliminate two-thirds to three-quarters of the volunteers from the U.S.” going to West Africa, he said. “They wouldn’t be able to spare the time.”

Hillary: ‘Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’

October 25, 2014
Daniel Nussbaum
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Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”

“Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

“You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” she continued. “That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

“You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic,’” Clinton said, which elicited loud laughs from the crowd.

[ACGR's notes: The only arithmetic he may have brought was "Common Core Math" !!!]

Obama Administration Lied About Crimes Committed by Released Illegal Immigrants

October 24, 2014
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ice-agentsThe Obama Administration lied last year when they informed Congress and the public that the 2,200 people that the Administration released from incarceration to save money had only minor criminal records.

USA TODAY, gaining the data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through the Freedom of information Act, reports that some of the illegal immigrants had been charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and homicide.

GOP members were furious when the data was released. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had told Congress that the inmates who were released were “low-risk offenders who do not have serious criminal records.” Records reveal that ICE was readying itself for budget cuts in February 2013 when it released the immigrants, only two-thirds of whom had no criminal records.

After the new information was released, ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen protested, “Discretionary releases made by ICE were of low-level offenders. However, the releases involving individuals with more significant criminal histories were, by and large, dictated by special circumstances outside of the agency’s control.”

Sen. John McCain, R-AZ., weighed in that it was “deeply troubling that ICE would knowingly release thousands of undocumented immigrant detainees – many with prior criminal records – into our streets, while publicly downplaying the danger they posed.”

Normally, ICE releases immigrants with serious criminal records only if their legal status has changed or if they cannot be deported. Every illegal immigrant held in jail costs ICE an average of $122 a day. Last year, GOP members asked ICE Director John Morton for specifics about the immigrants the agency had released. Rep. J. Randy Forbes, R-VA, asked Morton, “No one on that list has been charged or convicted with murder, rape or sexual abuse of a minor, were they?” Morton responded, “They were not.” He added that none of the released immigrants had been charged with child pornography charges. White House spokesman Jay Carney echoed that the prisoners who were released were “low-risk, non-criminal detainees.”

Yet an ICE spreadsheet reveals one immigrant from Texas had been charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexually assaulting a child, and others had charges including armed assaults or assaulting police officers. One immigrant had been charged with conspiracy to commit homicide. Two more had charges of aggravated assault using a weapon, amd another had been charged with sexual assault.

ICE will not confirm whether the charges resulted in convictions.

Morton had informed Congress that of the over 2,200 immigrants ICE released, 629 had criminal records, all of them misdemeanors “or other criminals whose prior conviction did not pose a violent threat to public safety.”

Of course, Morton did not mention the 144 other released immigrants who were filed under “special issues.” They were largely released because ICE had six months to jail them legally if the agency could not deport them.

Homeland Security’s inspector general went to great lengths to ensure the Administration would escape culpability, writing in August that ICE was so hurried from the budget cuts that neither the White House or then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano knew what was going on. The report went further than that, insisting that ICE officials acted “appropriately.”

Gary Mead, who headed ICE’s detention operation, claimed that if the wrong data had been fed to Congress or the public, it was just a mistake. He added, “We had been asking for some time whether we would have enough money to sustain the level of detention we had, and we didn’t get an answer. When we did get an answer, it was that we had to start releasing people today.”

Watch here …..

CNN: NYC Doctor Did Not Self-Quarantine, Bowling Alley Not Notified

October 24, 2014
Daniel Nussbaum
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Thursday evening on CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett,” Burnett reported that the New York City doctor who is reportedly showing symptoms of Ebola after having recently travelled to West Africa did not self-quarantine himself after becoming ill.

“Investigators are taking the case extremely seriously,” Burnett said. “It appears the doctor, identified as Craig Spencer, did not quarantine himself when he returned to the United States.”

“Just last night he was in public, according to an official, after feeling sluggish for a few days,” she continued. “He took a cab, an Uber cab, and he went to a bowling alley in the New York metro area. “

Burnett also noted that the bowling alley that Spencer visited Wednesday night had not been notified of the situation.

“We were saying that he went to a bowling alley, we called the bowling alleys in Brooklyn and one of them, who’s now not answering their phone, had said that they didn’t know anything about this, they sort of found out about the story from us, and this is just to point out that even in a place like New York , which has been drilling for this, which is supposedly prepared for this, which is not getting the benefit of Dallas, you still can have problems.”

Watch here …..


POPULATION 20 MILLION: Ebola Confirmed In New York: Patient Rode Subway, Went Bowling, Took Taxi

October 24, 2014
Mac Slavo
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A doctor who arrived in New York City from the Ebola stricken country of Guinea has tested positive for the Ebola virus, making him the fourth confirmed case in the United States.

The doctor had a 103 degree fever when he checked into a hospital.

New York officials are scrambling to identify potentially hundreds of individuals he may have come into contact with. According to The New York Times, the doctor took a subway train from New York to Brooklyn, where he joined others at a bowling alley for the evening. He then took a taxi back to his home in New York.

The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm the initial test.

Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and then took a taxi home.

The next morning, he reported having a temperature of 103 degrees, raising questions about his health while he was out in public.

For weeks the Obama administration has been under pressure to restrict flights to the United States if they or their passengers originate in Ebola-stricken countries. The Centers for Disease control has said that such a ban would actually increase the chances that Ebola would make its way into the country.

While they think a travel ban would secure the U.S. border from Ebola and shrink the potential spheres of contact, CDC director Tom Frieden says instituting a flight ban would forfeit what little control we currently have over the virus.

“Right now we know who’s coming in,” Frieden said at the hearing. “If we try to eliminate travel… we won’t be able to check them for fever when they leave, we won’t be able to check them for fever when they arrive, we won’t be able—as we do currently—to see a detailed history to see if they’ve been exposed.” The White House has sided with Frieden. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday that a travel ban is “not something we’re considering.”

We now have a confirmed case of exactly the scenario that a travel ban would have prevented.

Though the CDC said yesterday that they would begin quarnatining travelers from West Africa for 21 days once they entered the U.S., they are once again a day late.

But this time it may be much worse than anyone at the CDC would care to admit. Unlike Dallas the city of New York has a massive public transportation system and the Ebola-stricken doctor just happened to travel on it from his home in Harlem all the way to Brooklyn. Next he arrived at a bowling alley where, as most Americans know, there would likely have been some sharing of bowling balls, food, and high fives.

Less than 24 hours later the doctor was showing a fever of 103 degrees consistent with Ebola symptoms.

This means that for a full day before he checked into the hospital there were hundreds of other people that could have been exposed.

Last week President Obama issued a video message in which he said that you cannot catch Ebola just by riding on a bus:

“Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch. It’s not transmitted through the air like the flu.”

“You cannot get it from just riding on a plane or a bus.”

How about a subway train, Mr. President?

The CDC recently confirmed that, while the Ebola virus may not be transmitted as easily through the air as a common flu, infectious Ebola material can move through the air in the form of droplets.

According to MIT research the contagion blast radius of Ebola droplets in the air resulting from something like a sneeze is several meters. In environments with ventilation systems like those found in most U.S. venues and transit systems, it could be as high as 100 meters of travel distance. Thus, even though Ebola is not as contagious as the flu or a cold, it’s respiratory cloud may still spread in a similar fashion.

The Obama administration told the American people that a travel ban would do more harm than good. Ebola is now in New York City as a direct result of a passenger arriving from a West African nation that would have been on the ban list.

They also told us that CDC protocols and medical infrastructure were eons ahead of West African nations, yet nurses in Dallas have said that absolutely no preventative protocols were in place while Patient Zero Thomas Duncan was being treated. A couple of weeks later two health care workers who were in direct contact with Duncan fell ill with the virus.

Is it time that Americans, especially those living in major metropolitan areas, start wearing respirator masks, protective body suit, splash goggles and heavy-duty gloves on public transit systems?

The CDC, of course, will say that such a drastic move is unnecessary and may cause panic.

Right now, however, there are hundreds of random people in a metro area of over 20 million people wondering if they may have somehow come into contact with a doorknob, bowling ball, or taxi seat that may have been contaminated with Ebola.

Will America’s new Ebola Czar, who happens to be an advocate for population control initiatives, take action and finally issue guidelines to the American public about protective gear, social distancing protocols and preparing essential emergency supplies in case of a nationally declared emergency?

Will he explain to the American people what the government will do in a worst case scenario and how they may end up locked in their homes for weeks without the ability to go to a grocery store? Will he tell people that should that happen, they need to have at least a 30 day food supply because Uncle Sam won’t be making deliveries?

Probably not, because according to New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, there is nothing to worry about:

“We want to state at the outset there is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed.”

In a guide outlining some warning signs for when to start considering self-quarantine and lockdown procedures, Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington says that a key indicator to watch for is officials who claim they have the situation under control even though more cases are being identified.

Patient #4 is now confirmed. Within about three weeks (perhaps even as many as 6 weeks according to new research) we’ll know if anyone else has been exposed.

This virus is real. It has a 70% mortality rate. And it just made it’s way to America’s largest and most densely populated metropolitan area.


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Chicago schools become overcrowded disease factories feeding children rotten food as district runs out of money

October 24, 2014
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Toast-Bread-MoldyA new deal between the Chicago Public School (CPS) system and a private custodial and cafeteria service was promised to save the district tens of millions but instead resulted in some students having to clean their own school before the school year began and being served rotten food for lunch.

In February, CPS, the third largest school district in the nation, signed contracts worth $340 million to privatize their custodial services, an agreement that would take over the training, supervision and management of custodians for 66 Chicago schools, Catalyst Chicago reports.

The concept behind signing the new contracts was that teachers would have more time to teach rather than clean, the schools would save money, and each facility would have a high standard of cleanliness. However, school officials say none of these promises materialized, and in fact CPS conditions worsened, putting children at-risk.

Chicago schools agreed to spend $340 million on cleaning services that resulted in a high turnover of custodians, layoffs and filthier facilities

Two “world class” cleaning services were selected; CPS signed a $260 million contract with Aramark to manage 33 schools and an $80 million contract with SodexMAGIC to handle the remaining 33 facilities.

According to their website, Aramark provides facility management, food service and clothing to schools, sports facilities, prisons and healthcare institutions, and lists Houston Independent School District, Northwestern University and Field Museum Campus as past clients.

SodexMAGIC is a partnership between Sodexo, a French food service, and Magic Johnson Enterprises, a company owned by retired NBA player Magic Johnson.

School officials revealed their frustration regarding poor services and conditions through a survey conducted by AAPPLE, an arm of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association.

About 230 principals said the contracts, which were each signed for three years and were supposed to provide cleaner buildings and use “state-of-the-art” cleaning technology, resulted in a lack of custodians, filthier schools and no new technology.

“It’s a germ factory,” said Michael Flynn, a sixth grade teacher at Otis Elementary in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. “And it’s as bad now as it’s ever been in terms of kids not getting what they need.”

“It breaks my heart,” said one Chicago teacher who says many students rely on school lunches for nutrition but instead are getting “junk for a meal.”

Last year, budget cuts forced 49 Chicago schools to close, reported The Huffington Post, and dire attempts to save money reportedly led to the privatization of both custodial and cafeteria services.

One teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said her students were fed “disgusting” meals that included rotten apples and moldy bread on more than one occasion. Some students ate spoiled broccoli before the cafeteria realized their mistake.

Chicago schools accommodate many low-income students who don’t receive proper nutrition at home and rely on healthy school lunches, the teacher said, who worries that her students will get sick.

Some speculate that the contracts were awarded based on cozy ties between Aramark and the school district. The district’s head of nutritional support services, Leslie Fowler, worked for Aramark before being hired by CPS.

Students, parents and teachers asked to volunteer to clean school before the fall season

The principal of a South Side school recruited volunteers to clean before the school’s opening, performing work that included throwing out trash, mopping and sweeping.

The principal of another school said urine was left in toilets for weeks at the end of the school year and classroom furniture was recklessly handled and broken. Other teachers say they’re running out of toilet paper, seeing more bugs than ever (including cockroaches) and are overwhelmed by overflowing trash bins.

“I want to be outside the minute I’m in here,” said one teacher who’s taught for eight years at the facility. “It smells. Everything smells and I can’t focus. If I can’t focus to teach, how can kids focus to learn?”

A proposal by AAPPLE says the contracts should be voided if the schools aren’t brought up to Level 2 industry standards for cleanliness.


Chilling Free Speech

October 23, 2014
Andrew P. Napolitano
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Earlier this week, the federal government’s National Science Foundation, an entity created to encourage the study of science — encouragement that it achieves by awarding grants to scholars and universities — announced that it had awarded a grant to study what people say about themselves and others in social media. The NSF dubbed the project Truthy, a reference to comedian Stephen Colbert’s invention and hilarious use of the word “truthiness.”

The reference to Colbert is cute, and he is a very funny guy, but when the feds get into the business of monitoring speech, it is surely no joke; it is a nightmare. It is part of the Obama administration’s persistent efforts to monitor communication and scrutinize the expressions of opinions it hates and fears.

We already know the National Security Agency has the digital versions of all telephone conversations and emails sent to, from or within the U.S. since 2005. Edward Snowden’s revelations of all this are credible and substantiated, and the government’s denials are weak and unavailing — so weak and unavailing that many NSA agents disbelieve them.

But the government’s unbridled passion to monitor us has become insatiable. Just two months ago, the Federal Communications Commission, which licenses broadcasters, threatened to place federal agents in cable television newsrooms so they can see how stories are generated and produced. The FCC doesn’t even regulate cable, yet it threatened to enhance its own authority by monitoring cable companies from the inside.

What’s going on here?

What’s going on here, and has been going on since President Obama took office in January 2009, is a government with little or no fidelity to basic constitutional norms. There is no defense under the Constitution to any aspect of the government’s — federal, state, regional, local or hybrid; or any entity owned or controlled by any government; or any entity that exercises the government’s coercive powers or spends or receives its money — monitoring the expressive behavior of anyone in the U.S., not in a newsroom, on social media or anywhere else.

The NSF’s stated purpose of the Truthy squad is to look for errors in speech, particularly errors that fuel hatred or political extremes. This monitoring — this so-called search for error — is totalitarian and directly contradicts well-grounded Supreme Court jurisprudence, for several reasons.

First, for the government to gather information — public or private — on any person, the Constitution requires that the government have “articulable suspicion” about that person. Articulable suspicion is a mature and objective reason to believe that the person has engaged in criminal behavior. Without that level of articulable belief, the government is powerless to scrutinize anyone for any reason.

The articulable suspicion threshold is vital to assure that people in America have the presumption of liberty and are free to choose their behavior unimpeded or threatened by the government. The feds cannot cast a net into the marketplace of ideas and challenge what it brings in. Were they able to do so, the constitutional protections for free expression and the primacy of liberty would be meaningless.

Second, the courts have repeatedly held that the First Amendment needs breathing room, and they also have held that government monitoring of speech curtails that breathing room. Stated differently, a person under observation changes behavior on account of the observation. Thus, by the very act of monitoring our words, the feds will have the effect of curtailing them.

The virtual or physical presence of the monitors would give people pause, cause them to reconsider offering opinions, induce them to refrain from expressing their true thoughts and even drive their speech underground. This is called “chilling,” and it has been condemned by numerous Supreme Court decisions.

The principal purpose of the First Amendment is to keep the government out of the marketplace of ideas, and any governmental behavior that influences the exercise of the freedom of speech — no matter how gently, indirectly, innocently or secretly — violates that principle and provides the basis to sue the government to have its Stasi-like monitoring of speech enjoined. Another prime purpose of the First Amendment is to encourage open, wide, unfettered and robust debate about the policies and the personnel of the government. Who can engage in that with Big Brother watching and keeping score?

All presidents push the envelope when it comes to exercising their constitutional powers. But we never before have seen in modern times a president like the present one. From his halcyon days as a senator fighting for civil liberties, he has descended into a totalitarian darkness. How can he ask soldiers to defend a Constitution with their lives that he disregards with his deeds?

The government is worried about speech. Big deal. Speech is none of the government’s business. History teaches that the remedy for tasteless speech is not government repression — it is more speech. In a free society, when the marketplace of ideas is open and unfettered, the truth is obvious. But in a repressive society, the truth becomes a casualty. Which society did the Framers give us?

The Demos’ ‘Good Crisis’ Diversion

October 23, 2014
Mark Alexander
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Obama’s Epidemic of Domestic and Foreign Policy Failures

“[T]he crisis is arrived when we must assert our rights, or submit to every imposition, that can be heaped upon us, till custom and use shall make us as tame and abject slaves.” –George Washington (1774)

Ten years ago, a smooth-talking “community organizer” from Chicago won a U.S. Senate seat. Just four months prior to his election, Barack Obama was an obscure state senator and part-time law-school lecturer. That was before his key political benefactor, then-presidential candidate John Kerry, gave him the coveted keynote speaker’s slot at the 2004 Demo Convention.

After taking his seat in the Senate in January 2005, the charismatic Obama and his Beltway backers immediately set their sights on the White House. In February 2007, the junior senator from Illinois launched his presidential campaign. In 2008, he cruised to victory over Republican John McCain amid a cascading crisis of confidence in the U.S. banking and securities markets, promising millions of his sycophantic supporters prosperity draped in his “Hope and Change” mantra.

For the record, that crisis of confidence was seeded by statist Democratic Party policies enacted a decade earlier, as noted in a financial analysis by The New York Times: “Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people… In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the [thrift industry] savings and loan industry in the 1980’s.”

Indeed, in 2006, it did, because the “real estate bubble” burst with a domino effect through the financial markets that would lead to a near collapse of those markets in 2008.

Recall that during this meltdown, Obama’s then-Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had infamously and unapologetically asserted, “You don’t ever want a good crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” I repeat Emanuel’s quote with some regularity, because rarely does an executive-level Democrat operative inadvertently reveal his party’s most successful political playbook pretense.

Obama recently proclaimed, “At some point, we’ve got to do some governing. And certainly, what we can’t do is keep careening from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.”

In truth, however, Obama and his fellow Democrats thrive on manufactured crises, and the current endless loop of hyperbolic rhetoric about the “Ebola epidemic crisis” from all corners of the 24-hour news recyclers has diverted voter attention from the real national security crisis – the re-emergent epidemic of terrorism in the Middle East.

How can we tell that Obama is using Ebola, or “Obola” as we call it around our shop, as political fodder ahead of the upcoming midterm elections? He started skipping fundraising events across the country last week.

This was an unprecedented interruption of his schedule – a schedule whose fundraising and golfing excursions, until then, had been free from interruption even during events of great national consequence.

For example, prior to the 2012 election, just hours after the Benghazi attack and the initial talking points cover-up, Obama held a major fundraiser in Las Vegas. Of course, to interrupt his schedule for that crisis would have been politically counterproductive given that a cornerstone of his re-election campaign was his singlehanded defeat of al-Qa’ida and his ending of the war in Iraq.

And last July, on the day that a Malaysian passenger airliner was shot down over the Ukraine by Russian regulars, and Israel launched ground operations in Gaza, Obama nevertheless proceeded with his fundraising and golfing schedule.

Responding to criticism about his priorities, his director of communications, Jennifer Palmieri, who was herself instrumental in the Benghazi deception, rebutted, “It is rarely a good idea to return to the White House just for show, when the situation can be handled responsibly from the road. Abrupt changes to his schedule can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.”

Having put “boots on the ground” – to fight Ebola in West Africa – in a thinly veiled attempt to recast himself as the “humanitarian president” while neck deep in the rubble of his foreign policy failures elsewhere around the world, Obama “returned to the White House just for show” last week in order to continue his Ebola charade.

He is now doing what Democrats do best – never letting a good crisis go to waste.

Asked about why Obama interrupted his schedule to address Ebola just ahead of the midterm elections, his spokesman Josh Earnest replied with a smirk, “To be candid … I try to consider my words carefully when I speak up here, and the fact is I haven’t given any thought to the political consequences of this response.”

Yes, because we all know that the last thing key players in the Obama regime would do is “give any thought to political consequences.”

CNN’s resident Marxist talkinghead, Van Jones, understands why Obama is exploiting Ebola: “We’ve got to get our base going. … This Ebola thing is the best argument you can make for the kind of government that we believe in.”

Of course, “the kind of government” that would exploit “this Ebola thing” is the kind that demands mindless devotion to its imperialist president in order to advance its oppressive statist agenda.

Advancing the Ebola farce, this week Obama named an “Ebola Czar, loyalist lobbyist Ron Klain, the former chief of staff for both Al Gore and Joe Biden. For the record, we already had a czar for pandemic threats, Dr. Nicole Lurie.

Klain is a doctor of spin, not medicine, but apparently he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before his appointment!

Predictably, Democrats are now running political ads in states where their senatorial candidates are in trouble. The ads blame the Republican sequester for cuts to the budgets of HHS agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health, which “left our nation exposed to Ebola.”

However, it is the Obama administration that proposed cuts to the CDC and NIH budgets. The Washington Post notes, “For NIH, since 2006, there has been relatively little change in the size of the budget, going from about $28.5 billion in 2006 to $30.14 billion in 2014. In fiscal year 2013, the White House proposed a cut in CDC’s funding, but Congress added about $700 million. In 2014, the administration again proposed reducing the budget, but Congress boosted it to $6.9 billion.”

There seems to be enough surplus funding at HHS to spend on critical health crises such as, “Why are most lesbians overweight?”

The fact is, the CDC and NIH are funding some research on legitimate concerns, such as lowering the number of annual deaths associated with the spread of influenza – 53,826 in the latest year of record. Yes, there has been one death in the U.S. (of a Liberian national) since Ebola “reached our shores,” and there may be more. In the meantime, however, Enterovirus D68 has already spread to 44 states and is killing otherwise healthy elementary-age American schoolchildren.

Of course, what has really left our nation exposed to Ebola is Obama’s negligent refusal to institute a travel ban to and from African nations where there is an actual epidemic crisis. Other than the pretense of restriction announced this week, directing those incoming from infected nations to five major U.S. airports, Obama does not dare offend the Demos’ black constituents by temporarily restricting African immigration visas.

Obama’s failure to implement travel restrictions is being challenged by some Demo senators who are running for their political lives. In North Carolina, for example, Sen. Kay Hagan’s position on travel restrictions was, “If you isolate those countries you’re not going to solve the problem.” This week, however, Hagan claimed, “I’ve always said that the travel ban should be part of a broader use of tactics.”

The bottom line in this and every election is that Democrats are experts at manufacturing crises for political fodder in support of their key agendas, and have repeatedly demonstrated their propensity for doing just that.

The blood of innocents was barely dry in Tucson, Arizona, and Newtown, Connecticut, before Obama and his Leftist NeoCom cadres seized the moment to advance gun control. Obama’s criminal co-conspirator, AG Eric Holder, lamented this week, “The thought that we could not translate that [Newtown] horror into reasonable gun safety measures … is something that I take personally as a failure, and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure – a glaring failure.”

Of course by “reasonable gun safety measures,” Holder means, ultimately, rendering the Second Amendment null and void.

Team Obama is always on the alert for race-bait crises too – all the better to promote the politics of disparity. The Zimmerman/Martin shooting in Florida and the Wilson/Brown shooting in Missouri are case studies from the Demo playbook.

And when was the last time a hurricane, tornado, flood or drought did not become fodder for the Left’s so-called “climate change” agenda? Never, ever, ever let a good crisis go to waste.

As for the Ebola crisis, even late-night humorist Conan O’Brien gets the charade: “Obama told Americans not to panic about Ebola. Then when asked about the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming midterm election, Obama said, ‘Man, that Ebola sure is scary!’”

Of course, the real crisis we face as a nation is a fundamental lack of leaders who honor their oaths “to Support and Defend” our Constitution. If Republicans can’t take the Senate in November and raise up new leaders for both the House and Senate who will honor their oaths, that crisis will most assuredly continue – and deepen.

Ineligible DACA Beneficiaries Discovered on NC Voting Rolls

October 23, 2014
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With the North Carolina U.S. Senate race in a dead heat, state election officials say they have discovered 145 names on the voting rolls who are ineligible to vote because they are illegal immigrants who have been granted President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.

According to a Winston-Salem Journal report, the State Board of Elections discovered the potential illegal voters Tuesday night when the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles ran a search for DACA licenses. The 145 DACA recipients whose names appear on the SBOE’s voting rolls will be sent letters requesting documentation that they are citizens, the report noted.

DACA beneficiaries in North Carolina are able to obtain drivers licenses, but they are not able to vote.

The Journal notes that it is likely more ineligible people may still remain on the voting rolls.

Nearly 10,000 names on the rolls are tagged by the DMV as “legally present,” according to elections and transportation officials. But that doesn’t mean that all 10,000 are ineligible to vote at this time. These are license holders who were not U.S. citizens when they got a license. They may have been green-card holders, foreign workers or foreign students, for example.

Most have become U.S. citizens since getting a license, according to an estimate by elections officials based on a sample of the overall list.

According to the report, earlier this month the SBOE officials did a sample cross-check of 1,600 of the 10,000 “legally present” names against a Department of Homeland Security database and found that 94 percent were U.S. citizens and eligible to vote. However, that still meant that six percent were ineligible, meaning if the ratio held for the whole 10,000, 600 people would be ineligible.

Mike Charbonneau, a DMV spokesman, told the Journal that it is now cross checking all the names.

While the officials work to cross check names, early voting is set to start in the state Thursday.

“We want to know how such a large number of non-U.S. citizens were ever registered to vote in the first place,” Jay DeLancy, executive director of the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, told “There is clearly a system failure here and we need the Board of Elections and the DMV to help the Legislature and the public understand where the problem lies.”

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