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ICE Arrests 118 in New York

January 30, 2019

Michelle Moons


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Nearly all of the 118 immigration violation arrests made in New York by ICE over five days were convicted criminals or those with pending charges.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) made 188 arrests from January 14-18. Of those arrested, 107 were convicted criminals or facing charges, and 55 failed to leave the country after a final order of removal or were previously removed and returned to the U.S.

ERO New York field office director Thomas R. Decker said of the enforcement:

In spite of the significant obstacles that ICE faces due to the dangerous policies created by local jurisdictions, which hinders the cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement, ICE will continue to devote the full efforts of our agency to protecting citizens and enforcing federal immigration law despite challenges being pursued by politically motivated individuals.

ICE named 14 of those foreign nationals arrested, six of which had sexual offense convictions or pending charges.

“More than 35 individuals arrested during this operation were previously released from local law enforcement on an active detainer,” according to an ICE detailing of the enforcement action. The release emphasized, “When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders onto the streets, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect public safety and carry out its mission.”

ICE pointed to sanctuary cities and their practice of releasing those on ICE detainers, including many with “significant criminal histories.”

More than 80 percent of American voters want a crackdown on illegal alien crime, according to a recent Harvard/Harris poll.

“Ultimately, efforts by local NYC politicians have shielded removable criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and created another magnet for more illegal immigration, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people it purports to protect,” Tuesday’s ICE announcement stated. “ICE seeks straightforward cooperation with all local law enforcement and elected officials.”


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  1. Jerry Zopp permalink
    January 30, 2019 12:40 pm

    Be nice to ICE, and they will clean-out the lice!

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