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Leftists triggered by MAGA hats say people have no right to wear them… imagine the outcry if Christians were triggered by hijabs

January 28, 2019


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Earlier this month the mainstream media (MSM) went berserk — again — and jumped to conclusions — again — after video surfaced on social media of a ‘confrontation’ between a Native American activist and a white teen student from a Catholic high school in Kentucky.

The MSM decided, without doing any research or checking stories, that the confrontation was initiated by the white teen and his friends because of their skin color, religion, and because they were wearing MAGA hats.

The Left-wing commentariat and Hollywood piled on, of course, jumping to similar conclusions sans evidence. As it turned out, the teens were targeted — victimized not only by the Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, but by a group of Black Israelites who hurled racial epithets and other insults at them. Now Leftists have started claiming that MAGA hats are the ‘new symbol of hate and racism,’ though they literally promote America as a whole, not segments of America. (Related: Google employees consider the word “family” to be hate speech… it “triggers” liberals into a total meltdown.)

Mass violence ahead

Imagine for a moment if American Christians — especially white Christians — began claiming they were upset and triggered by traditional Muslim garb like hijabs. How long do you think it would take Leftists to riot in the streets? Ten minutes? Fifteen?

Oh ho, some would argue, MAGA hats aren’t “traditional garb.” Really? In the age of POTUS Trump they certainly have become a tradition piece of headgear among his legions of supporters. And yet, anyone wearing one in public is increasingly subject to insults, derision, or physical violence from Leftists who claim the message is racist and bigoted.

No, is isn’t. Because the president isn’t a racist or a bigot, no matter how many times Leftists say otherwise. Screaming the loudest doesn’t automatically make you right or factually correct.

The Left is pushing our country to the brink of mass violence over claims of moral superiority they are not justified in making. Conservatives must either stand their ground or be pushed into oblivion.

Read more about the Left’s constant threat against conservatives at

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