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Fake News in a Nutshell

January 22, 2019

Jim ONeill


Source …..

“OMG it must be true, he quoted from a published source!”

Sources tell me rumors are circulating in Washington DC that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is involved in a heated menage a trois with Russian President Vladimir Putin and an anonymous transgender midget…sorry, little person.  They were purportedly videotaped romping on a pee-pee sodden bed in one of Moscow’s fancier hotels.

If true, these sordid, and sodden, allegations could well lead to impeachment proceedings for Speaker Pelosi, my sources say.  I have been tipped off that such news will be a huge bombshell if proven to be true.  For the sake of America, one hopes this is all just hearsay. —Jim O’Neill “Fake News in a Nutshell

The above quote is, of course, fake news.  Welcome to “Trump World,” where the most ridiculous, unsubstantiated, nonsensical crapola is treated as holy writ by our duplicitous, dishonest media.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Once upon a time, journalism used to be a real profession, a respected profession, if you can believe it. Nowadays, not so much—globalist anti-Trump propaganda rules.

All decent propaganda has an element of truth in it, but these days the media doesn’t even bother to put out good propaganda – it is often bogus garbage start to finish. Our “news” outlets simply don’t care if what they report is based on the truth or not. As long as it is anti-Trump it leads.

There are exceptions of course. There is alternate internet media, radio, and (to give credit where it’s due) the lone TV outlier of “Fox News.” While admittedly less than perfect, “Fox News” does sporadically serve as a unique platform for conservative (as opposed to RINO) opinions. And God bless them for it.

Fake news is synonymous with propaganda. Propaganda runs the gamut from mostly true to mostly, or totally, false. It may be “good” propaganda with some element(s) of truth in it, or, as is more and more often the case, it may be “bad” propaganda totally devoid of truth. Unnamed sources, unverified “facts,” and dubious, outlandish conclusions are all telltale signs of fake news. Circular “proof” is another tell.

That is how the infamous anti-Trump “pee-pee dossier” got off the ground. It was leaked to an internet blog, and then the fact that it had been published online was used as “proof” that it must be true. Circular fake news – it has been published, therefore it has legitimacy and is worthy of being published.

We’ve learned NEW information suggesting our suspicions are true: FBI/DOJ have previously leaked info to the press, and then used those same press stories as a separate source to justify FISA’s.—Ian Schwartz “Meadows: ‘Hard Evidence’ FBI Leaked Info To Press, Used Same Stories To Obtain FISA Warrant

Observant readers will have noted that I used the same circular self-referring trick with my opening quote.  “OMG it must be true, he quoted from a published source!”  Never mind that the “published source” is me.


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