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America’s Youngest Black Legislator Caleb Hanna: Pro-Life, Pro-God, and Pro-Wall

January 13, 2019

Jerome Hudson


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Caleb Hanna was sworn into the West Virginia legislature last month, making the staunchly pro-life lawmaker America’s youngest black legislator.

“I’m proudly a Christian conservative and was raised on the belief that success is built with hard work, commitment and dedication – West Virginia values that continue to guide me today,” Caleb Hanna said last May during his campaign.

“I support the WV Pro-Life movement and have been endorsed in the Republican Primary by West Virginians for Life. I also fully support the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms,” the young lawmaker said. “I will be a passionate, effective, and conservative fighter for limited government, economic growth, and the Constitution.”

Elected when he was just 19, Hanna easily defeated his Democratic opponent, incumbent Dana L. Lynch.

Hanna also has his eye on national politics.

“Illegal Immigration costs American taxpayers billions of dollars! Contact Sen. Manchins office and tell him to work for the wall!” Hanna said of Senator Manchin (D-WV) last week.

While fulfilling a campaign promise to bring “A New Era of Leadership to West Virginia government,” Hanna will also pursue an economics degree at West Virginia State University.

“I always told myself, when I had the chance, I would try to make a difference and I would do something myself,” Hanna said after winning the election. “The incumbent that I ran against (Dana Lynch, D-Nicholas), he had been county assessor for 30-some years. He was in the House of Delegates for three terms.  He was a career politician, and, frankly, he was just there to collect a paycheck…he never passed a piece of legislation that he sponsored.”

“At a time when politics has become unhinged, I’ll be a voice of reason, and I won’t forget who I represent: the people of West Virginia,” Hanna said. “Thanks a million, God bless, and hope to see you around!”


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