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Michelle Malkin: ‘So-Called Worker Shortage’ Is a ‘Manufactured Crisis’

January 12, 2019

Robert Kraychik


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Michelle Malkin told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow in an interview Friday that the “so-called worker shortage” in America is a “manufactured crisis.”

Malkin rejected a news media commentariat chorus deriding President Donald Trump’s description of the status quo of border security.

Malkin said the political establishment is uninterested in “immigration enforcement.”

“Having covered immigration policy and politics for more than a quarter-century, one truism about the Beltway is that the establishment of both parties do not want to prioritize immigration enforcement at the border, at the ports of entry, or at the consular offices,” reflected Malkin.


Malkin continued, “Every time we’ve had a wake-up call that puts the blaring light on the failures of systemic immigration enforcement, we get this temporary bipartisan agreement that there should be something the government does as a basic duty, and then they hit the snooze button again. That’s because all of the financial and ideological incentives entice these establishment politicians to do nothing. That’s the default.”

Malkin said Donald Trump amplified the importance of immigration as an issue of concern among Americans.

“I’ve had to fight within my own newsrooms that I’ve worked for to make [immigration] a priority, and so when you have a White House that is willing to speak Ronil Singh’s name, for example, and to put a human face on the toll, yeah, there have been breakthroughs, and yeah, you’re seeing people beyond the base finally concerned about this problem.”

Malkin cast immigration as a multifaceted issue affecting culture, economics, and national security.

“This has been the third rail for Republican politicians because, of course, immigration is not just a national security and a public safety issue,” stated Malkin. “It is a cultural issue. It is an economic security issue.”

Malkin went on to say, “It’s not just blue-collar American workers, of course–a lot of high-tech American workers who worked really hard and are the best in their industry and business in high tech, and then discover by the time that they’re 40 or 45 — and by no means over the hill — that they’re priced out of the market by a horde of cheap, foreign, inferior labor in an industry that so many American politicians say that there’s a so-called worker shortage in. That’s a manufactured crisis, if you want to talk about a manufactured crisis.”

Malkin praised Donald Trump’s refusal to acquiesce to left-wing and partisan Democrat charges of “racism,” “xenophobia,” and “ethnophobia” in response to the president’s calls for immigration reform and border security.

Malkin said, “President Trump [is willing] to push back against the old, tired racism, xenophobia, ethnophobia card in the face of this and really to show how disingenuous the open borders left is.”

Malkin continued, “Their hearts bleed for every last illegal family trying to get across the border, throwing rocks at our border patrol and burning our flag, and the likes of Ana Navarro and Seth Meyers and every one of these California Democrats who have written letters, lobbied, and protested about the human rights violations at the border have nothing to say about American victims of illegal alien crime, and law-abiding immigrants, for that matter.”


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