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Broward County Sheriff’s Office “Diversity Hire” Cost Parkland Students Their Lives

December 2, 2018


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Not only is identity politics incredibly divisive, when applied to law enforcement and the military, it can also cost people their lives.

Sadly for the case of the victims of the Parkland shooting, the Broward County Sheriff’s office has now been exposed for caring more about diversity hires than the safety and security of the people of Broward.

The BSO has been called out for countless incompetencies and failures since the deadly February shooting that left 17 people dead and 14 wounded, and one victim’s father is calling yet another abject failure to light.

Captain Jan Jordan, who Fox News reported in March allegedly ordered first responders to “stage” outside the school instead of rush in to neutralize the threat, was hired based on her gender rather than her competency for the job.

“Captain Jan Jordan froze during the Parkland shooting. Officers said she was in over her head,” writes Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, one of the students killed in the massacre.

“Now Sheriff Israel admits Captain Jordan was recommended based on “diversity” NOT qualifications. Her lack of leadership led to kids dying, all because they wanted diversity!”

“She had asked for some diversity, appropriately so, I gave her three names,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said of a supervisor’s request that he recommend officers to promote.

“One of the names I gave her was Captain Jordan,” Israel continued.

His office has bragged about their interest in diversity hires in the past.

Calling his office “more inclusive than ever before,” Israel wrote in a statement that “BSO also proudly employs many strong, dedicated women throughout the agency in sworn and non-sworn positions alike.”

“They play a vital role in all aspects, and their presence at times brings a different and welcome perspective to public safety.”

There’s nothing wrong with hiring minorities or women, especially if one ignores their gender or their ethnicity to do so.

But not only is hiring them based on their gender or ethnicity condescending and offensive, but it’s also actually dangerous.

Of all professions, law enforcement officers should be hired based on merit, not intersectionality points. They are in the business of saving lives and protecting their community from crime, and individuals picked for promotion need to be capable of doing so competently.

All the inclusiveness points Sheriff Israel got from recommending Jordan did nothing to save the lives of the 17 individuals who met their end while her officers waited in the parking lot that fateful day.


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