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MAGA-Themed Toy Set Encourages Kids to ‘Build the Wall’

November 15, 2018

Katherine Rodriguez


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A conservative retailer released a “Build the Wall” building blocks toy set just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The Lego-like building block sets are being sold by the conservative website “Keep and Bear” for $29.95, and each set contains more than 100 grey building blocks and a figurine of President Trump with a red MAGA construction hat.

The description of the building set includes a statement promoting Trump’s border wall, opposing illegal immigration, and denouncing the caravan of Honduran migrants headed towards the U.S. border.

“We understand why they want to flee Honduras and live and work in America. After all, we are the greatest nation on earth,” the product description reads. “In the interest of national security, however, we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to cross our borders.”

“The wall must be built,” the description continues. “The wall will keep America safe and strong. Only then will we be able to help those in need.”

Some Twitter users were not so keen on the toy, calling it “offensive,” but others already placed their pre-orders for the toy in time for the Christmas holiday season.

The website states that it is currently accepting orders for the “Build the Wall” toy set, and will begin shipping the orders on November 23.


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