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WHO did WHAT for Russia ?!!

October 17, 2018

Jeff Putman


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Letting ANY Democrat into Congress puts THESE criminals back in power!

The word “criminal” seems so inadequate for THESE people,  who engaged in such EXTREME criminality! What word can we use for “criminal times a thousand”? Megacriminal? Hypercriminal?

WHO did WHAT for Russia ?!!

Every one of the following facts are public record. They are absolutely proven. They cannot be disputed.

  1. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been paid over $100 million dollars byRussians to give speeches.
  2. A company named Uranium One was sold to a Russian company, Rosatom, inUranium One owns one fifth of the United States’ uranium supply. (Yes, uranium – element number 92 – the key material needed in nuclear weapons!)
  3. The sale was approved by CFIUS – the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States – in October 2010, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of  State.
  4. The statute that authorizes CFIUS states that the Secretary of State is one  of the people who has approval authority over any deal. (
  5. The fact that the Secretary of State has delegated that authority to an employee does NOT make the Secretary of State any less responsible. The Secretary of State can still order that employee to approve or disapprove any deal.
  6. FBI agents were investigating why Russians had given over $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. The agents wanted to know if the Clintons had given any sort of favors to the Russians in exchange for the $100 million.

That investigation was shut down by the FBI Director, who, at the time, was none other than – Robert Mueller!

From all of the above, it is very clear who has been “colluding with Russians”! It does NOT involve ANY Republican! The entire conspiracy to sell one fifth of America’s uranium supply to Russia was carried out by Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, and the entire Obama administration!

ALL of the agencies represented in CFIUS okayed the deal! Barack Hussein Obama had the power to veto the deal – and chose not to!

All of the officials who okayed the deal were certain that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President. All of them went along with it because they wanted to receive their share of all the favors that Clinton would be handing out.

Mueller shut down the investigation of the Russians gifts to the Clintons, but Congress started their own investigation.

Congress subpoenaed Hillary Clinton’s emails, cell phones, and laptop computers, because the emails would be likely to contain documentation of exactly what favors the Clintons sold in exchange for which bribes.

AFTER BEING SERVED THE SUBPOENAS, Hillary Clinton physically destroyed the items that had been subpoenaed! The cell phones and the sim cards were smashed with a hammer (making them unreadable). The hard drives were wiped clean with the computer programs Bleach Bit and Acid Wash, to make sure that no information that had EVER been stored on the hard drives could ever be read.

All of the evidence that Clinton destroyed WAS UNDER SUBPOENA! That literally is the legal definition of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!

Appointing Robert Mueller to investigate Donald Trump is like appointing Al Capone to investigate Elliott Ness! It’s like appointing Bernie Madoff to investigate the Securities and Exchange Commission!

The “news” media REFUSE to report these PROVEN FACTS – because the “news” organizations are owned by the same billionaires who own the Democratic Party!

The FBI, CIA, NSA, and the rest of the intelligence community all refuse to investigate these treasonous crimes because they are all accomplices in the crimes!

The Republican Congress is the ONLY official body investigating these crimes.

And if the Democrats win back Congress in the 2018 election, you can forget about ANY of these crimes EVER being prosecuted! And you can be sure that MORE, similar (and probably even worse!) crimes will be committed!

Your local Democratic candidate for Congress might be a reasonable person. But if even that Democrat gets elected, this entire criminal cartel will be put back in power! Voting for ANY Democrat would put back into power ALL of these corrupt criminals who have been stabbing us all in the back for decades!


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Some overall campaign strategy can also be seen at:



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