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Justice Brett Kavanaugh Should Send Michael Avenatti a Fruit Basket

October 9, 2018

John Nolte


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Not only should Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (man, I love writing that) send Michael Avenatti a fruit basket, we all should because without him, America might be in a much darker place today.

There is no reason to reiterate what it would have meant had the obscene smear campaign against Kavanaugh succeeded, had sexual McCarthyism won the day. But there were two counter-intuitive turning points in this bruising 18-day battle that are worth looking at.

The first was President Trump’s decision to mock Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at a Mississippi rally last Tuesday.

Ford accused Kavanaugh of attempting to assault her at a 1982 house party, and after her Senate testimony, the unwritten rule demanded everyone believe she was guilty only of fingering the wrong man. Sorry, no. In my opinion, she lied, and I have tons of documentation to back up that opinion.

But no one supporting Kavanaugh dared talk about this, and the unwillingness to discuss inconvenient truths about Ford’s story put the confirmation in real danger.

Enter Trumpzilla.

When the president stood before the world and mocked Ford’s memory lapses, while it may have “disgusted” and “appalled” some, it also shifted the narrative. Hoping the viral clip would sway a handful of then-undecided senators to vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the corrupt media broadcast the clip endlessly for 36 hours. But the tactic backfired, just as Trump knew it would.

All at once, the spotlight was off of Kavanaugh’s yearbook and virginity and on the gaping holes in Ford’s testimony. This mattered … bigly.

And then there is Mr. Avenatti, the FameMonster brought to life by tabloid outlet CNN…

The porn star’s lawyer stepped on the biggest rake of them all.

Let me explain to you what the media and Democrats (pardon the repetition) had planned… We will call it The Sunday Night Blitz.

After Ford came forward, everyone assumed that if we made it through the following weekend without a second accuser, Kavanaugh was home free — because one accuser with three named witnesses who sided with Kavanaugh was not going to be enough to disqualify him.

As the sun set on Sunday night, and just as we were beginning to exhale, Mr. #MeToo dropped his precision-timed bomb. Ronan Farrow was supposed to take Kavanaugh out. Using his own clout and Deborah Ramirez’s allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a drunken 1983 dorm party, this was meant to be the kill shot. One of three things was now supposed to happen…

1) Knowing he was doomed and sick of the whole process, Kavanaugh would surrender. 2) Trump would cut bait in the hopes of getting someone else over the finish line before the midterms. 3) A couple of lily-livered GOP senators would pull their support, which would doom everything.

In other words, the left pushed all their chips into the middle of the table. But there were a couple of problems.

The first is that the Farrow story was a joke. Although it was expertly crafted to present her ludicrous allegation into the aforementioned kill shot, Ramirez’s accusation was even weaker than Ford’s. All of Ramirez’s so-called witnesses bolstered Kavanaugh’s claim that he was innocent. (This included Ramirez’s best friend in college). What’s more, Ramirez admitted to being “foggy” drunk on the night in question. We later learned she had been calling around admitting she could not remember who the culprit was.

The second and much larger problem for Democrats was Mr. Michael Avenatti.

Mere moments after Farrow delivered his kill shot, Avenatti bumbled all over it by parachuting in like a lummox on meth, hoping to steal Farrow’s thunder and secure the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination.

Like something out of a movie titled Lex Luthor: Mall Cop, Avenatti floated down into a field of rakes while screaming, “GANG RAPIST! GANG RAPIST!”

And just like that *snap* the whole scheme was exposed. It was even more exposed when all of the establishment media proved they were in on the conspiracy by taking Avenatti’s outrageous claims seriously, even though he had not yet produced his alleged victim, Julie Swetnick.

This is when all decent people realized the fix was in, the frame was on, and the assassination of Brett Kavanaugh really was a left-wing plot.

In other words, Avenatti overplayed his hand, and by doing so, exposed that it was all a big, fat bluff.

To the surprise of no one, this was only further exposed a couple days later when Swetnick finally did come forward. Her sworn statement about Kavanaugh spiking punchbowls so he and his friends could run gang rape trains on incapacitated women was hot garbage.

And her subsequent NBC interview, where she basically recanted everything in her statement, was the best evidence ever presented against The Matriarchy’s fascist talking point about “Believe All Women.”

And that right there is the rub, the undercurrent, the subtext of this disaster. The FameMonster they built destroyed their conspiracy by unwittingly dropping Democrats and their media allies into a “Believe All Women” box.

As fascist and un-American as it is, “Believe All Women” is a pretty solid talking point, at least until one of the women we are supposed to believe is accusing someone of being a serial rapist based only on the fact she “saw him by” a punch bowl and that he “definitely huddled” with other boys.

Would Kavanaugh had been confirmed without Avenatti’s pratfall?

We will never know for sure.

But based on her own speech, Avenatti’s Lex Luthor: Mall Cop routine was a major turning point for the one person who mattered — Susan Collins. 


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