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What If She Lied?

October 9, 2018

Fredy Lowe


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What if former FBI Agent/Lawyer and #NeverTrump Monica McClean knew for many years that her BFF Christine Blasey Ford attended the same high school as Judge Brett Kavanaugh, be it a few years apart, with little if any contact between one and other, but never the less; the two old friends got together and through many hours of – leave this in our story, take that out – concocted their entire groping story, as they sat on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, MD from July 30th through August 7th 2018?

What if McClean told Ford that she has many friends in DC who could minimize her being exposed, as she offered legal assistance in writing the letter, which would in turn be sent to DiFi on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who had already been informed that the letter was on its way, with an attorney prepared to represent her, if needed, that is. Feinstein’s eleventh hour hand-crafted-grenade was staged and the pin-was-ready-to-be-pulled, with the goal of creating enough negative pressure so that the nominee would resign?

Are the members of Congress this easily led in the age of #MeToo

What if McClean advised Ford that we will need to write the letter in so many vague terms as to the location/house (which could easily be disproven) or how you got to the unknown party, or, more importantly, how you got back home again. Ms. Blasey would certainly have shared this horrific-life-altering-incident within minutes of it happening, with her home bound driver that evening. So, what if Monica said NO! insisting that she had to leave that most important part out, as an attorney would know, how any responsible driver would advise Christine to go directly to the police. And, since it ‘potentially’ never-actually-happened, the identity of a driver would easily destroy their entire fabricated story. See how that works?

But, the only relative question we-the-people should have, will Blasey-Ford-McClean and their long list of co-conspirators ever be prosecuted for their crimes? Or does DiFi have enough dirt on everyone to be allowed to simply put the pin back in the grenade? Obviously, to be re-pulled on another day, if need be.

Are the members of Congress this easily led in the age of #MeToo, that they would allow the allegation of an unreported, uncorroborated, poorly clarified 36-year-old groping misdemeanor with a one year statute of limitation, to be used as an obvious scheme to set up the charter assassination of a man, his wife and family, a heretofore good man with a stellar reputation, who has devoted his life to our Constitutional Law and Order? Are we to accept that the Senate Judiciary Committee are that gullible? Are they that foolish? Why didn’t Chairman Senator Grassley simply ignore the complaint stating the above as a 36-year-old, unfounded she said/he said complaint that was never reported or corroborated and which would be impossible to prove prepare for a closure vote?  But, he didn’t. Why?

Some will inadvertently argue that all’s well that ends well, that their mission failed, and Brett Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, although by the thinnest of margins, but a win is a win, right? No, wrong! If this blatant a case of injustice(s) committed is not brought in a court of law before a judge and jury, we are no longer a nation of law and order.

Because the truth is that there have been too many contradictory statements made by Ms. Christine Blasey Ford

Because the truth is that there have been too many contradictory statements made by Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, who lied under oath about being a research psychologist, i.e. Ms. rather than Dr.  Her testimony seemed contrived as if she was coached by her handlers. The polygraph was said to be administered by a former FBI Agent. Hmmm…. such as the aforementioned Ms. McClean? How many times was the polygraph administered before the desired results where recorded?

There have been far too many questions about who wrote (or co-wrote) assisted with the original hand-printed-letter of complaint, where/when it was written, to whom it was sent and the damaging evidence, with verified text messages that witnesses were coerced into changing their testimony, along with the possibility that this entire incident was fabricated by a ruthless #NeverTrump cabal to negate in any way his nominee to the court. Enough!

Ms. Ford may have falsely testified under oath and other serious crimes committed by co-conspirators of this extremely feeble accusation, where even the year that it took place was purposely made vague as in the 80s, then late 80s (whoops Kavanaugh would have already been in College) make it the early 80s. But, if nothing else, then consider this: she stated that she was 15 years old at the time and most of us are only that age for one designated year, although we can never be sure with the purposely vague and contradictory writing team of McClean/Blasey-Ford. Amazing!

By the way, their letter made sure that the young Brett Kavanaugh was 17 years old because McLean knew that the previous six FBI investigations only go back to the age of 18. See how that works?

If DOJ Jeff Sessions does not convene a grand jury to investigate this we won nothing, but rather lost our Constitutional rights of being innocent until proven guilty

And, it would be a travesty of justice if these people were allowed to simply walk away as if nothing happened. Senator Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee along with the Director of the DOJ Jeff Sessions, must immediately convene a grand jury and begin the process of indicting any and all people responsible for this Kavanaugh chaos. If we delay for any reason, we will give the Demonic Dems enough time (30 days is an eternity in politics) to lick their wounds, regroup and come out with a full court press that Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. And, that all women should rise up and say no to all Republicans who harbor sexual deviates like Brett Kavanaugh.

Are we a country of law and order or are we not?

In the new demonic Dems world,  a person is guilty and must prove their innocence. If a woman makes accusations against a man, it must be true. We are told by one senator that men must sit down and shut up. If a woman says you ‘attempted’ to rape her 36 years ago, you are guilty, insinuating that all men are guilty of some form of sexual crimes against women one way or another.

If we concentrate too much on how the Democrats plan to railroad Kavanaugh’s SC confirmation backfired and how ‘We Won!’, which thankfully has created this wonderful opportunity for Republicans to keep both the Senate and the House, in the end there is a very good chance that we could easily lose the House. Just think, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again with Mad Maxine Waters as Chairman of the Finance Committee!

If DOJ Jeff Sessions does not convene a grand jury to investigate this we won nothing, but rather lost our Constitutional rights of being innocent until proven guilty.

The demonic MSM is already stating, “All of this brought to the forefront a cultural awakening about the treatment of women by men.”  “The bases of both parties are now more energized than they were [before, and] If those sentiments hold through Election Day, Democrats could benefit in the contest for control of the House…” to mean that in the end the demonic Dems will have won, President Trump will be impeached, Justice Kavanaugh will be impeached and the MAGA agenda dies.

Is the reset of law and order at hand? Today, I am truly not sure. But, regardless please: Think Safe. Trust the Plan. Be Prepared. Pray for our President. Pray for our country.

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