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Dr. Sebastian Gorka: If No Borders ‘The Word America Has No Meaning’

September 8, 2018

Michelle Moons


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Former Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka explained at a Friday Angel Families rally in Washington, DC, that without any borders in the Western hemisphere, “the word ‘America’ ceases to have meaning.”

“I chose this country,” said Gorka, a legal immigrant – a decision that, he says, gives him a specific perspective on reforming immigration laws and building a U.S. border wall.

Gorka made his remarks at the Angel Families event that included members of Congress, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, sheriffs, and families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.

During the event, Gorka spoke of President Trump’s dedication to the issue of illegal immigration — a topic Gorka credits, in part, to Trump’s presidential victory.

“[Hillary Clinton’s] vision is for a borderless hemisphere,” Gorka explained. “Meaning no borders from Canada, all the way down to South America.”

“If we have no borders in our hemisphere, then the word ‘America’ ceases to have meaning; there is no America left,” said Gorka. “We are a nation of tradition, of culture, of values, of founding principles. If we have no borders, we cease to exist.”

“[Trump] knows that building the wall is the right thing to do,” said Gorka. “Reforming our utterly decrepit and bankrupt immigration system is the right thing to do.”

“That was the stakes of the [2016] election,” he declared. “And thanks to the good Lord, the right candidate won.”

“Nobody has a right to be an American. I’m sorry, you don’t,” he continued.

The idea that if they wanted to 7 million people could come here, walk across the border illegally and then suddenly, by magic, they become Americans? Wrong… wrong.

You get to be an American if you believe in the principles on which this nation was founded, irrespective of your ethnic background, irrespective of your skin color, irrespective of your gender, but you must agree to and buy into our common, cultural, Judeo-Christian heritage.

“Beyond that, it is very clear in the U.S. Constitution that one person — and one person alone — gets to decide if you are a threat to this nation and are allowed in,” Gorka added, identifying that one person as the incumbent president. Gorka further explained that that was why administration officials, including himself, defended the Trump administration’s controversial travel ban until the nation’s highest court sided with them.

On the topic of the country’s visa system, Gorka said:

The idea that when you apply for a visa to come to America, the Obama administration forbad, forbad the State Department from looking at your social media posts because that was personal information, that’s insanity. That’s not even an SNL skit, it’s suicide.

Your Facebook postings are not private. They’re a door into your mind, into what you believe in and that is how two people entered the United States legally and then proceeded to kill their 13, their 14 coworkers at a Christmas party in San Bernardino. Because that woman’s social book postings were not looked at before she applied for that.

In closing, Gorka reassured the audience that “Donald J. Trump will never give up on you because this is a house, America is a home, and when you go to sleep at night you lock the front door. Not because you hate everything outside your home, but because you wish to protect your loved ones inside your home.”

“The border is our front door and Donald Trump is the only one person gets to hold the key. We will secure this home. We will not have sanctuaries for illegal criminals. We will have one sanctuary for all Americans and those who believe in America.”


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