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Sessions say’s he took control of the DOJ. Really?

August 26, 2018

Charles Wills


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There are a lot of people who defend Jeff Sessions and keep saying things like, ‘just trust Sessions’. Well, I did trust Sessions, but he hasn’t done anything since he took office that would make me want to continue trusting him. The President has even lost trust in Sessions. In an interview on Fox News Channel, President Trump said the attorney general “never took control of the Justice Department.” Shortly after the President’s remark aired, Sessions issued a statement that said:

“I took control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn in, which is why we have had unprecedented success at effectuating the president’s agenda—one that protects the safety and security rights of the American people, reduces violent crime, enforces our immigration laws, promotes economic growth, and advances religious liberty.”

President is being politically persecuted by ‘Robespierre’ Mueller and his team of Marxist Democrats

Session’s statement raises the questions: What safety and security rights? Has anybody reported a reduction in violent crimes? What does the Justice Department have to do with promoting economic growth? How has Sessions promoted economic growth? Is that even part of the job? And, how has Sessions advanced religious liberty? I’ll give Sessions the one about enforcing immigration laws, but everything else he mentioned is nothing more than vague talking points.

On top of that, Session’s derailed his own talking points with this one ridiculous statement: “While I am attorney general, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

Say What! While the President is being politically persecuted by ‘Robespierre’ Mueller and his team of Marxist Democrats, who work for Rod Rosenstein, who works for the Justice Department, Sessions has the gall to make such a ridiculous statement? Does Sessions think that Mueller’s investigation isn’t politically motivated?  If he does, then he shouldn’t be allowed to handle a knife and fork.  Give him his walker and his walking papers while he’s still able to get around by himself.

What’s most suspicious is how quickly Sessions gave in to the Democrat’s demand to recuse himself.  If he had nothing to hide, then why didn’t he stand up to the Democrats?  Members of Congress regularly speak to foreign diplomats, and that doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest by itself.  Did Sessions have something to hide, or did the Democrats have something on him?  He sits idly by while the President is being framed by Justice Department operatives, but he has an excuse.  He conveniently recused himself.

Under Sessions’ operating procedure, any crime can be ignored by claiming it’s politically motivated

Furthermore, Sessions’ recusal from the phony Russia investigation allowed Deputy Attorney General ‘Rot’ Rosenstein to pick his and Comey’s friend ‘Robespierre’ Mueller to lead a team of Marxist Democrats on a witch hunt to look for anything that could be used to impeach the President.  In a proper justice system, prosecutors are faced with a crime before they go looking for specific evidence.  In the phony Russia investigation, they manufactured evidence to open an investigation to look for a crime, any crime.

In fact, Mueller’s team of Marxists have invaded peoples’  homes, held them and their family at gunpoint, raided their offices, confiscated personal papers and recordings, imprisoned and then prosecuted them for crimes that had nothing to do with the phony Russian investigation.  What has been happening to people here in America, under Session’s watch, sounds more something that would happen in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  And after all that, Sessions has the gall to say that he is protecting the safety and security rights of the American people.  Betcha, General Flynn, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen don’t believe that.

Does Sessions’ response, that the Justice Department will not be influenced by political considerations, indicate that he will not prosecute the people involved in the uranium one deal because they are Democrats, and he considers that politically motivated?  Maybe, he can’t prosecute Hillary’s crimes or investigate the Clinton Foundation because he considers that politically motivated.  Under Sessions’ operating procedure, any crime can be ignored by claiming it’s politically motivated.  Does Sessions’ statement mean that swamp rat politicians are exempt from the law?  That’s the way it appears.

To conclude, the overwhelming number of violations of people’s constitutional rights, by the Justice Department, refutes any assertion that Sessions has done anything to protect the safety and security rights of Americans. And, regardless of his assertion that the Justice Department will not be used for political purposes, we can clearly see that the Justice Department is being used for political purposes—to unseat our duly elected President.  Sessions has lost the confidence of the President and his supporters.  It would be in the President’s and our best interest if Sessions resigned.  Hopefully, Sessions will give up the office of Attorney General as easy as he gave up to the Democrats demand to recuse himself from the Democrat’s phony Russia investigation.


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