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Study: Trump Tariffs Created More than 11K American Jobs in Six Months

August 19, 2018

John Binder


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President Trump’s protective tariffs on imported steel, aluminum, solar panels, and washing machines have created more than 11,000 American jobs over the course of six months, a new study reveals.

Analysis conducted by a Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) finds that Trump’s tariffs, thus far, have created about 11,100 American jobs throughout the country, a far cry from the job losses that were predicted by free trade economists and pundits.

“The national media is generally ignoring the job creation arising from the country’s new strategic trade posture. This information is important. These jobs will have substantial positive effects on local economies and the national US economy,” economist Jeff Ferry said in a statement. “They are in general well-paid manufacturing jobs in high-productivity businesses. Those new jobs will contribute to the creation of thousands of service sector jobs and they will stimulate local economies.”

The CPA study found “notable increases” in domestic steel and aluminum jobs. In the steel industry, alone, nearly 5,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. In the aluminum industry, a little less than 3,000 manufacturing jobs have been created thanks to Trump’s tariffs.

“President Trump’s safeguard actions are working well, and are already having a direct effect on US manufacturing,” CPA Chair Dan DiMicco, who worked on Trump’s transition team, said in a statement. “We’re very pleased to see the results that come from enforcing America’s trade laws, and we expect more high-paying jobs to keep coming online.”

In the solar industry, there have been 1,150 new U.S. jobs created thanks to the tariffs and another 2,100 jobs created in the washing machine industry.

As Breitbart News’s Sean Moran previously reported, CPA economists and researchers predicted that overall, about 19,000 jobs will be created because of Trump’s protective tariffs, which have proved incredibly popular with American business owners, workers, and GOP voters.


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  1. SimplyFred permalink
    August 19, 2018 11:18 am

    When is Trump gonna end the H 1 B Visa? That would give 17 million jobs back to Americans!

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